I had no idea how many entries would be coming my way, and what I would be encountering.

I am amazed at the time everyone took to express their feelings in terms of where they are now and where they would like to be in the future!

As you know, I put a strong emphasis on the word “feeling.”  I wanted to really be able to “feel” someone’s emotions pour out so I could get a real good pulse on what they were experiencing and how their life would be different if they had an opportunity to change their course.

So please let me preface that this was an exhilarating and emotional challenge for me as well.

As I read all the entries, I  laughed, I pondered, I analyzed, I cried, but mostly I was just in awe of all of YOU!

I want to say thank-you to each and everyone one of you who took the time to participate in this contest – you are SIMPLY AMAZING!

But as you know, someone has to be the winner and I am head over heels, couldn’t be happier to announce…

THE GRAND PRIZE WINNER of a complimentary consult & assessment & one-on-one time with me is….

Melissa M. Williams – Grand Prize Winner

Melissa’s story compelled me to want to help her – I guess you can say, she wooed me big time!  I read her story over and over and allowed myself sometime to really imagine what her life must be like.  She did an excellent job of depicting her circumstances and strongly conveyed to me that she is certainly up for THE CHALLENGE!

So let’s give a big time round of applause for Melissa.

But wait, there is one other winner to be announced – Tammy Schack!

Tammy’s story resonated with me! I can tell that with a little coaching help she will be able to sort a few things out that she is currently challenged with.  So I am thrilled to announce that Tammy has won a COMPLIMENTARY COACHING SESSION WITH ME!  Yahoo for Tammy!

Once again, thank you to everyone who participated – I hope in some way this helped you realize that living an organized and simplified life is a very COOL THING TO DO!

Check Out Melissa and Tammy’s Story!



Get Simplified – Take The Challenge!

I have a Special Announcement that I am so excited to share with you!

In honor of launching my new website – (which I’m just loving – aren’t you?) I am officially running the “Simplify Me – Take The Challenge” contest.

So what does this mean for you?

Well it means lots of fabulous, deliciously good things for you, but first you have to be prepared to be courageous enough to enter the contest and put yourself “out there” … and I mean soulfully, gut wrenching, deep rooted, out there.  And then you will you have the opportunity of a lifetime to finally put the wheels in motion towards getting your life in order.

So if you are interested in taking the “Simplify Me Challenge” here is all you have to do:

  • Give me 3 Good Reasons Why You Want To Get Organized.  (How will getting organized benefit your life?)
  • Give me 3 Good Reasons  Why You Want To Work With Me.  (How will the quality of your life improve by working with me?)

Now here’s a clue –  superficial answers will not win me over – I want the wow factor – I want you to dig deep and really express yourself to me.   Wow me over!

You do this by emailing me here:

So what will you win?  (Yes, I know, this is the key factor of why you are going to go through all of this in the first place right?)

Well, my dear, you are going to win ME!  And then I am going to give YOU a complimentary Consult & Assessment and then additional One-On-One time with me! (Rules & Regulations do apply)  There is no price on the value of this – (How can you put a price on getting your life back on track and breathing easier?  You simply can’t.)  That’s why this “Simplify Me – Take The Challenge” contest is one of a kind – jump at the chance, just do it now opportunity!

Why am I doing this?

Because I have seen within the past ten years of my practice the overall success of my clients and there is nothing more rewarding then to see happy faces and feel good feelings that change people’s lives.  I believe in the process of what it takes to live an organized life. It’s why I do what I do and what makes me want to forge forward even in the toughest of times.  I know my programs work and I want you to have the opportunity to see what a deep impact they will have on you and how life enhancing they will be!

So this is what you need to know as well…

I will be judging them myself.  Yes, that’s right.  I am going to take the time to read each entry and judge them on how they make me feel.  REMEMBER, I need to feel everything about you.

The Winner will be posted on Friday, November 25, 2011.  (That’s the day after Thanksgiving.)  So you have plenty of time to really provide thought provoking information to me.  I will be posting the Winner on my Blog.  And hey, you never know, I may just be in the festive mood to give some other goodies away – one never knows how you may turn my head if you really give me something good!

So there you go…good luck...take your time…really think…and I wish you the best of success!  I will be talking to you soon!

Here’s to living simply,



Disorder Distracts – Order Brings Focus

I’ve heard it been said that “Wisdom is the study of difference.”

I thought about this and how it applies to disorder and order.

For example, I have always said…

“Show me a person with clutter and I will show you their lack of follow through.”

Clutter, a form of disorder, distracts the mind.

Organization is order and brings clarity.

Look at the below picture – do you think you can be productive, focused, and orderly in this environment?


Now look at this picture – do you think this environment would bring about focus, clarity and order?



What are you experiencing right now?  Do you understand the difference between order and disorder in the context of how it can make a true difference in your life?

Here is a fact:

If I can change what you know, I can change what you do.

And if I can change what you do to help you be more organized and efficient, I think you will then understand that “Wisdom is the study of difference.”

Interested in learning more?  I hope so!  I will be teaching you how to apply 7 Organizing Laws into your life that are bound to be life changing.

So don’t waste any more time – register now!



How Clutter Will Travel

Organizing Expert Takes Her Show On The Road

Organizing Expert Is Helping People Door to Door Reclaim Their Lives. 

Patricia Diesel, Founder & CEO of Keep It Simple Now, a professional organizing and life coaching business continues to make ground-breaking efforts to help people get organized.  Diesel says – “Clutter is on the rise and within each state there are many cluttered souls that need help.”  

People are continually inviting Diesel into their homes to help them “let-go” of their stuff and regain control over their lives.  “Clutter is a very personal and private affair” says Diesel – “It is an honor and a privilege to be able to help and assist people get their lives back in order.”

<a href="[youtube]”>
From Arizona to Maryland, Diesel assesses each client with compassion and empathy, but make no mistake, this organizing expert doesn’t “mess” around.  “I’m there to help my clients fight back and reclaim their homes and their lives – I teach them how to jump in and win the battle over their clutter.” Diesel states.

Diesel has made guest appearances on TLC, GMA, Lifetime and other networks, but she claims there is nothing more fulfilling than actually working with a client step-by-step, from beginning to end.  “Going through the process with them and celebrating their success is what keeps me passionate about my business.  I just love it.” Diesel concludes.

Can Moving Our Stuff Really Change Our Lives?

Can Feng Shui bring us love, money, respect and happiness?

Some people believe by implementing Feng Shui concepts into their lives they can find much of their heart’s desire – such as dream jobs,  better grades in school,  intimate relationships on a deeper level and so forth.

I am curious, what do you think?

Do you think utilizing Feng Shui practices help with living an organized life?

Can Feng Shui bring us love, money, respect and happiness?

Well, I will tell you, up until this point, I have been, well, how can I say it, a tad skeptical and quite frankly, so focused on my subject matter that I just was not so interested in learning anything further about this.

However, as my business evolved, the topic of Feng Shui continued to appear in front of me in some of the most interesting ways …

Until eventually I just said, ok Pat, take your own advice here…

You are always preaching – “an open mind sees opportunities that others miss” –  so what do I need to see that I may be missing from the topic of Feng Shui?

As I started to explore the subject matter a little bit more, I found some connections with living an organized life simply fascinating.

The irony is way beyond coincidence so I feel compelled to share it with you.

I hope you will join me for this tel-class because it’s going to be so much fun and informative that I wouldn’t doubt it if you started to think twice about it too.

So come on, REGISTER now and let’s explore it together.

Let’s talk about it on Tuesday’s Tips Tel-Class!


One Man’s Treasure Is Another Man’s “Stuff” (Not Junk)

It can be so confusing and overwhelming my clients tell me. 

All these thoughts circle around their head such as:

  • What should I keep?
  • What do I get rid of?
  • What things are of monetary value?
  • What if I need it someday?
  • What do I do with the stuff I inherited?
  • And on it goes…

Your “things” that you have collected over the years, can have an alluring appeal about them. They make you think things other than what they really appear to be. Sometimes your things are just things and hold no value in the real world – however your “idea” of what your things are may tell you otherwise.

There is no doubt about it – your “treasures” tell a story and you want to be sure that you are making the right decision when it comes to keeping or letting go.  This is understandable.

However, it has been my experience that all of this “thinking” ahead of time can create a lot of anxiety and worry – which sometimes can end up paralyzing you.

So the answer here is to get some of the facts on:

  • What to do
  • How to do it
  • When to do it

Everyone’s treasures are different and unique – but the process of “letting go” generally falls around this theme:

  • I am ready to move on with my life
  • I am ready to release the things that used to hold me back

Which simply means, you no longer wish to live in the past amongst the things that you were clinging on to.

You realize you can still hold onto the memories of what the things represent and make room for new memories to come.

And most importantly – you will let go without fear or worry and feel good about your decisions –

Now that is what constitutes …

“One Man’s Treasure From One Man’s Stuff”

So ask yourself now –

  • Are you ready to take action?
  • Are you ready to dig deep and let go?

What’s In Your Closet?

The desire to spruce things up has kicked into high gear for me. I am having my upstairs painted, which consists of three bedrooms and a full bath. So, you know what that means – each has a closet that needs to be de-cluttered and organized.

I found the bathroom medicine cabinet to be simple because there was not an emotional attachment to anything. Discarding expired prescriptions and over-the-counter items was just a matter of reading the labels, and anything that was a lotion or hair tonic that I had not used in a year, I let go.

While cleaning the linen closet, I didn’t realize how many sheets I had been holding onto that I didn’t have beds for anymore. I found that to be interesting. Regardless, any sheets that didn’t serve a purpose went into the donation pile. I had a lot of towels that were frayed or wearing thin, so I put them aside with the cleaning supplies to use as rags.

The amazing thing was that all this time, I convinced myself that I had a hefty supply of linens, when actually I needed to replenish.

Moving right along, I went to the wardrobe closets that were just screaming to be purged.

Beginning with my daughter’s, I reviewed the remnants (or so I thought) of the clothes she no longer wanted after taking what she did want with her to college.

Boy, was I in for a surprise. Here, I found old prom dresses, sweet-16 attire, graduation gowns and countless handbags and shoes among the remaining everyday outfits.

I decided the best way to conquer this project and not have her feel I was invading her space and not respecting her things, was to schedule an hour telephone call so we could review her contents and come up with a plan.

To my delight, not only was it well received, but also long overdue on her part. As long as she was involved, she was looking forward to coming home to a closet that would allow for extra storage since she was tired of “looking for things” she could not find in her cluttered closet.

We both knew when it came to her wardrobe with significant memories, without being present, it was unrealistic to make such a big decision, so we decided that anything that fell into this category would go into a memory trunk, and I would store it until she came home to make the final decision.

Anything else that overlapped such as pocketbooks, shoes and scarves, she decided to let go of. If it wasn’t important enough to bring with her, then the likelihood of her using it again would be nil.

We thought it only fair, that her summer items could be left for her to deal with when she returned home for her next go around, and any clothes being brought home from the previous seasons would get one more “looking over” before retiring them.

Overall, I was pleased with the reclaimed space since it made it so much easier to organize and put things away once everything was painted.

As far as my closets, well, I will have to keep you posted on that topic.

-Patricia Diesel
Keep It Simple Now