Regret, Guilt, Worry – How To Overcome Negative Emotions

Can you recall a time when something in your life didn’t go right?  Do you wish things would have turned out differently and now you have regrets over it?  You’re not alone – many people feel this way – including myself.

I have been such a planner all my life that it was difficult for me to stay in the present moment. I can recall many circumstances where I was always reaching or looking over the fence. I didn’t know how to enjoy or appreciate what was right in front of me. I know this has caused me to miss out on a lot.

So yes, I have regrets, but it’s not wise to live there. The problem is that regret is like carrying around heavy baggage – it’s a heavy load to carry.  All that heavy energy can get in the way and tangled up in other emotions of guilt and worry – not a healthy combination.

What we want is to be able to create new energy to move forward.

Here are three tips to help you let go of the past and live in the present.

Tip # 1:  Show Yourself  A Little Love

How would you show love to someone you cared for who was going through a difficult time?  Compassion and empathy are two words that pop into mind.  Try doing the same for yourself.  We’re human and we are going to make mistakes – that’s part of life.  One of the biggest gifts you can give yourself is to treat yourself kindly.  Forgiveness is another important aspect to creating new energy – we’re not perfect beings and that’s okay.  Beef up the love.

Tip #2:  Keep The Faith

We don’t always understand the “bigger” picture in life – the “grand” scheme of things.  Although we wish we had a crystal ball to see into the future – the truth is we don’t really know what tomorrow may bring.  This is why we need to keep the faith alive and trust in GOD – or in other words, the Grand Overall Design.  Knowing that in time, all things will get better.

Tip #3:  Make It A Learning Experience

It’s so easy to get caught up in the moment of what didn’t go right, that we neglect to see what else happened in that experience.  Usually there are little golden nuggets if we look close enough to learn from the situation and make us better for it.    So the question is, What can you learn from a past experience that can make you better today?

Bonus Tip:

Remember, you don’t want to pull that heavy load a minute longer – here’s how to draw the line when you’re dwelling in the past on all that negativity.  You simply need to remember to LEAVE IT IN THE PAST.  That was then, this is NOW!  Let it GO!  I mean it…really, let it go for good and free yourself.  By doing so, you will be taking a huge step to living in the PRESENT!





We hear it all the time – “Just Let Go Man!  Let It Go”!
But for the person who is holding on for dear life, well that’s another story – because it seems impossible to do.
When we hold on for too long, sub-consciously we are saying, ‘I have a deep belief about something and I’m not letting go until, well, until it becomes the truth or something changes my mind.’
The problem is in the midst of this “bargaining” phase, we become stuck and do not allow life to carry us to new places.  Instead we push life into our own making and can miss many opportunities.
So, what is the secret to letting go?
The secret to letting go is believing that you will be okay once you do.  I understand this is easier said than done. But it’s the truth.
If you knew for certain that all would be okay if you let go, would it make a huge difference in your life?  I’m sure it would. I say this with confidence because I am living it.
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THE SECRET TO LETTING GO (When You’re Holding On Too Tight)

It’s been said that, “nothing lasts forever.”  Perhaps that’s why we desperately hold on so tight.

We know there is a cycle to life; that our youth vanishes, our children grow up, our parents age, and one day we will pass on.  Yet, we try to hold on even tighter.

Of course, the more we hold on, the more pain we feel as things fade, disappear, and die around us. And sometimes the tighter our grasp, the more these things happen.

Think about this in the context of a relationship.  Imagine someone who is exceptionally clingy. They are so preoccupied with all the terrible things they think can go wrong, that they miss the opportunity to fully love.  Eventually, the relationship has no recourse but to end.

What about the person who holds on for dear life to their physical things? Instead of enjoying and making use of what they already have, they are too busy acquiring more out of fear something will happen to their existing stuff.  Control now replaces the caring of their things.

If we probe further, there is usually a story that is deeply connected to why we insist on holding on so tight.  A story, no doubt, that could benefit from healing.
The secret to letting go is believing that you will be okay once you do.  I understand this is easier said than done. But it’s the truth.
If you knew for certain that all would be okay if you let go, would it make a huge difference in your life?  I’m sure it would.   I say this with confidence because I am living it.
In my upcoming tel-class I will be sharing with you how I got through the most difficult of times and how you can too.
I will also be inviting you to a workshop that I am hosting in January of 2018.  My goal is to prepare you now so you can schedule your plans accordingly to attend this ground-breaking event.
Please join me in this upcoming tel-class to learn more!

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“The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, not to worry about the future, or not to anticipate troubles, but to live the present moment wisely and earnestly.”

~Siddartha Guatama Buddha




Have you ever had the feeling that there is so much more to life than what you already have?  Do you struggle trying to balance your health, your mindset and your living space?  Does it feel impossible to do?

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In Organically Yours, Patricia shares her personal journey back to health and guides the readers through a comprehensive organic approach to wellness.  The personal stories of others will certainly open you to a vibrant, healthy life and The Vim and Vitality Checklists will help you easily make the change.

Patricia’s own deep insights and experience as a professional coach, author and speaker makes Organically Yours a positive and motivational read.  You can take a pro-active approach to your wellness.  You don’t have to wait until a true crisis occurs.  You can begin healing yourself through clean living today!



Spring is my favorite time of year. Everything comes alive!  I feel so happy when I wake each morning to a colorful landscape and bursts of sweet aromas.  It’s breathtaking to me.

The season of spring is also a time when we become more active and we want to do things. If you’re anything like me, I would venture to say that you also have one of those “forever” to-do lists…just waiting for each item to be checked off.

This is why I have designed a new program to help you accomplish all those “things” that have been long awaiting your attention.  I want you to start this spring season strong!

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It’s Time To Take A Look At Things

It’s Time To Take A Look At Things

Wouldn’t you agree that purging our “things” lends us to ask certain questions?

Questions such as:

Do I like this?
Do I love this?
Do I want this?
Do I need this?
Do I…?

Should I keep this?
Should I toss this?
Should I donate this?
Should I sell this?
Should I …?

And when we ask these questions, wouldn’t you agree that it prompts us to take a more serious look at our life?  I think it does.  In a sense, purging encourages us to “let go” of whatever is no longer serving us, as much as it enables us to see what we truly value.

In my upcoming event, Fall Into Life, (a 6 week coaching program) we will take a deeper dive into some of these questions and a more serious look at how you want to live your life.

I hope you will consider this event, especially if you have been “thinking” about “things” for a while.  Now is your time to take action.

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Breaking The Cycle of Chronic Lateness

Breaking The Cycle of Chronic Lateness

There are books, articles and studies performed to try and help people overcome their chronic lateness.  Some experts believe in order to break the pattern we need to look at not only what we are doing but why we are doing it.  I concur.

Let’s look at some examples of how people show up chronically late in areas of their life; appointments, interviews, ceremonies…

Take the classic physician who is always running late with patients.  Now in their defense, they will most likely explain their circumstances with reasons such as being over-booked, an emergency arose, or a populated epidemic of something.  Now from the patient’s perspective, who is in the waiting room 45 minutes or much longer, he is probably feeling anxious and a tad put-off, as it can be perceived as a lack of respect of  time.

In Anna’s case, there was no question that being on time was essential for her upcoming interview.  It was a company that she would be thrilled to work for. There was one problem.  With all the excitement, Anna forgot to verify the location.  By the time she was off and running, she realized she didn’t know exactly where she was going.  Hence, she showed up 30 minutes late for the interview.  Not only was she stressed out and embarrassed, but she carried that energy all throughout the interview process.  You can guess the outcome – Anna didn’t get the job.

When Brian’s childhood friend asked him to be the best man for his wedding, he admitted it was one of the highlights of his life.  Not only was it a huge honor, but it was a big responsibility.  He wanted to make sure everything went smooth and that his long time buddy could count on him during this happy occasion.  The morning of the wedding, Brian walked out the door and neglected to bring the wedding bands that his friend entrusted him with.  Just about halfway through his driving time to the ceremony, he realized he had to turn back home to go get them.  Needless to say, Brian was 15 minutes late.  Brian was so worried that he ruined the most important day of his friends life.  He apologized all day long.

A good starting point to breaking the cycle of lateness is to become consciously aware of your lateness and then to make the effort to prioritize being prompt.  You can begin with observing the cost of being late and the payoff of being on time.

Cost of being late – being late is upsetting to others and stressful for the one who is late.

Payoff of being on time – eliminates stress and the need to apologize.

The consequence of being late all the time runs deeper than this however.  When you are chronically late you are not showing up as the best version of yourself.  You are creating a reputation for yourself that is sending messages that people can’t trust or rely on you.  This impacts your relationships and your self-esteem.

Considering the technical aspect of why people are late is also important.  Not having good planning skills or how to estimate how long things will take can be critical.  A simple exercise you can try is to write down how long you think each thing you do will take and then compare it to how long it actually took to complete.  The comparison will help you find your pattern so you can adjust your time.

Learning how to say NO by either declining or deferring when people are asking things of you will also help you stay mindful with your commitment to time.  You can use catch phrases, such as;

“I would love to help but I have a prior commitment.”

I am on a tight deadline, so I have to pass on this.”

“I have plans during that time today, but maybe tomorrow I can.”

From an emotional/psychological aspect we can look at this from a different view.  Most people know what they are doing by arriving late.  They are choosing to arrive when they want.  The question is “Why?”  Here are some possibilities:

Resistance – Carried over from a rebelliousness childhood.

Crisis Maker – Thrives on mini crisis of running late.

Adrenaline – Need the rush of being under the gun to get things moving .

Anxiety – Fear about where they are going.

There are many tools that can be used to help decipher the why of what makes one late, but from a life coaching perspective, I can tell you that understanding where the emotional blocks come from is key to understanding why we do what we do and how to break the cycle.

In my new book – Life Coaching – a Guide to Hiring a Life Coach – I talk about how instrumental coaching has been in my life as well as how to go about finding a coach that can help you.  Through coaching you can find ways to overcome your lateness and begin to learn how to convert time into a pleasurable experience.

Life Coaching Book Cover

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The Benefits Of Life Coaching

The Benefits Of Life Coaching

How To Break A Stone Egg
Tapping Your Way To A Breakthrough

This Is What A Life Coach Can Do For You How To Break A Stone Egg Tapping Your Way To A Breakthrough

This Is What A Life Coach Can Do For You
How To Break A Stone Egg
Tapping Your Way To A Breakthrough

 “Right now, this very moment, I have such a clear vision that I must share it with you,” said Barbara.

“Okay, let’s hear it – you have my full attention,” I replied.

“I feel like I finally get it. I see for the first time what you have been trying to show me all along. Not only do I see it, but I truly feel it.”

“This is going to be good,” I said. “I can’t wait, please continue…”

Barbara excitedly shares her vision. She tells me to envision an egg. Only this egg is a stone egg. This stone egg is really an analogy – because the stone egg, this hard-core shell that has been rock solid for many years, is really her. And like the stone egg, Barbara’s outer core has been very difficult to penetrate. And like the stone egg once again, this outer shell has protected itself like she has protected herself for many, many years. They are both the same, virtually unbreakable.

“But you see, Patricia,” she said, “you know this. You have been watching me, observing me, coaching me. You get me. You see this and so you take heed and carefully select your words and actions with me. But with every word and action, you create a little crack on the egg.

“It’s as if I see you gently tapping the egg ever so slightly, but nevertheless unyielding. You do not give up, you just keep tapping away, little by little. Eventually, one of these taps creates a huge fracture. It’s hard to see now where the very first crack occurred as all the cracks blend into one another. The stone egg is extremely fragile and like myself, can break open in an instant.

“You prepare the stone egg for this critical time. You place the egg in a safe zone so when it’s ready to emerge it does not feel broken. Instead, like myself, it will witness a break through. And a pivotal moment it will be for us as the stone egg morphs into no other but me. But the best part of all of this is that what I see and feel is my higher self finally coming out to play.

“It’s whimsical, it’s delirious and most of all it is freeing. I celebrate, I dance, I sing, I am overjoyed that at last I get to experience the freedom to be no one else, but me.”

It is a glorious day.  I am grateful and I am thankful for this experience with Barbara.  And as always, I like to save the best for last.

Barbara said:

“I know this is only the start. I am onto a new beginning, one with no end in sight and I am finally ready!”

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