The Inside Scoop On How To Be Organized


I have some inside scoop for you!

Would you like to know why some people have little or no clutter at all and are more organized?

There’s something they do that sets them apart from people who struggle with clutter and disorganization.

I can sum it up like this:


They are deliberate about what they own, buy and choose to keep.

They know what brings them joy and happiness based on utility and purpose.

So what about you?  Can you say the same or are you struggling?

If you have it under control, good for you!  But if you’re struggling, ask yourself:

Why am I buying this and why do I own it?Do I still need to keep this or would some one else use it?

In my upcoming class, 7 Habits of Organized People, I’ll help you get crystal clear on how to reduce your clutter and get super organized.

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See ya in class soon!

7 Habits Of Organized People; A New Course

Do you ever wonder what’s different about a person who is organized from someone who is not?

If you’re like most people, you probably think it’s because they were “born” that way – it’s their gift.

But what if I told you that’s not the case at all.

There are solid reasons why some people are more organized than others.

The good news is that you can become better organized too! 

All you need to do is learn what stands them apart (what they’re doing differently from you) and follow what they’re doing.

And I’m going to make that very simple for you to do with my new course: 7 Habits Of Organized People.

I’m going to show you the top 7 Habits that highly productive people do that  make them efficient and super organized. 

If you’ve been struggling, beating your head against the wall, trying to figure out why you can’t “BE” organized like other people, this is the class for you – so don’t miss it!

You can get all the class details of the 7 Habits Of Organized People by clicking HERE!

It takes courage to crawl

It takes courage to crawl when you feel like you can’t move and everything is a struggle.

But remember, that one little movement, that tiny little crawl, can springboard change.

If you’re buried beneath the clutter, exhausted by the mental chaos, don’t underestimate the power you have inside of you! You’re stronger than you think.

Start with something just enough to get the wheels in motion – it doesn’t matter how small it is.

For now crawling is courage – remember that.  It’s okay.  Things will change with movement.

If you need support, you can check out my step-by-step program that can help ease the transition into clutter-free living.

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Let’s Lift Each Other Up

Think about how you can change a person’s energy just by doing the following:

Compliment them.
Magnify their strengths, not their weaknesses.

Amazing things happen when a person feels confident and believed in.

Especially when undergoing a deep de-cluttering of life.

De-cluttering is a process and there will be times of doubt and struggle. By default, this is the time most people forget how strong they really are.

But we must remember what we are capable of. This is done by recalling all our successes and accomplishments and reliving the feeling.

Soon you’ll realize that de-cluttering is just another strength you will be able to demonstrate.

Then give back and lift another by magnifying their strengths.

It takes courage and strength to de-clutter our lives

De-cluttering is a perfect example of this. Sometimes it may feel overwhelming but you push through anyway because you know once you get to the other side… you’re going to get peace of mind!

It takes strength and courage to look at our lives and be honest about what needs to change.

Letting go and releasing “things” in our life is an act of bravery and should be respected as such.

Never under estimate the power of “letting go.”  There’s so much peace of mind in store once you do.

To learn how you can consciously de-clutter your life, take a look at MINDFUL TOOLS FOR ORGANIZED LIVING.

Tame The Stress – Calm The Clutter

There are many reasons why we get stressed out and we all handle our stress differently.

But one thing’s for sure, we all fall prey to the effects of living with stress.

Stress can affect us both physically and mentally, from common complaints like tummy ache and headaches, to putting a strain on your relationships with others.

But stress can also cause us to manifest outwardly with clutter.

For example:

My experience as a Clutter Coach has shown me that stress can cause people to feel lethargic and therefore hinders their productivity.

The level of stress and energy level can then influence how much a person is able to get things done.

The problem is, if the underlying reason for the stress is not understood and managed, it can cause a cycle that only perpetuates the manifestation.of clutter.

If you’re feeling stressed or are interested in learning more about stress and clutter, I’d like to invite you to my upcoming class:

“Tame The Stress – Calm The Clutter”

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Mindful Tools For Organized Living

Mindfulness Program All In One


Have you ever tried to get something done that’s very important but your heart just isn’t into it?

It feels strange because it’s contradictory to what you’re saying you want to do, right? Part of you knows it would be such a relief and it makes so much sense, yet you just can’t seem to find the motivation to get it done.

Do you ever wonder why that is?

Well, here’s the thing. Your mind has a lot to do with how your heart is feeling.

You see, if you don’t have clear direction, a path with steps to follow, through to completion, your heart is simply not going to be into it.

I know it sounds funny, but it’s true.

If your mind doesn’t have clarity you will find yourself procrastinating. As Brendon Burchard would say, “Your heart is going to ask you to pause.”

In my program, Mindful Tools For Organized Living, I address this issue thoroughly because I know that most people who have clutter have problems with procrastination. I also know that frustration, stress and overwhelm is a result of not having clarity.

If you’re an on-line learner, Mindful Tools For Organized Living is a video tutorial that walks you through, step-by-step, the process of decluttering your life and Mindful Tool #5 specifically deals with how to overcome procrastination.

If you prefer one-on-one support, The Mindfulness Coaching program is your best choice for rapid results. If you’re interested in learning more about this, simply schedule a call with me HERE!

Either one is guaranteed to help you get out of your rut and on to being productive.

I hope this clears up the mystery a bit about “matters of the heart” and look forward to helping in any way I can.

There Is A Way To Rest Easy

Have you ever had a nagging feeling about something that won’t go away – and when you try to dismiss it, it just seems to get worse?

Clutter is like that. The more you try and pretend it doesn’t exist, the more it grows and grows.

It may appear at first a lot to handle to confront “things” but I can honestly tell you, the only way to resolve those nagging feelings is to do just that.

I show my clients exactly how to do it in a non-threatening way that helps them overcome their fear and overwhelm.

I’m going to be talking about how to do that and so much more in a FREE conference call on Monday. You can register for the call if you’re interested.

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I hope you’ll join me.

Jen’s Story Just Might Help You


I’d like to introduce you to Jennifer. 

Jen is a middle aged woman, married with children, and lives in the suburbs of the USA.

From outward appearances, Jen appears to have quite a life; a nice home, stylish wardrobe and a new car.

But what most people don’t know is that Jen has a secret. A secret that she’s been keeping from her family and friends.

You see, Jen has a wee bit of a problem.  A problem that has, over time, gotten bigger.  And now, this problem is difficult to keep under wraps, so Jen is feeling anxious and not sleeping well. 

That’s when she called me and asked if I could help her. 

But the story doesn’t end there. 

Actually, the story has a very happy ending.  I’d like to share that story with you because I think it just might help shed a little light on “things.”

I’m hosting a FREE call that I’d like to invite you to.  I’ll be discussing stories like Jen’s and others.

If you’re interested, all you need to do is register by clicking on the below link.




I hope you’ll join me.


Why Now Is A Good Time To Get Organized

Mindfulness Program All In One

When it comes to getting organized, most people wait until they “feel” they have a really good reason to take action.  For example, the holiday season or a special occasion.

This is not necessarily the best time to start de-cluttering and creating order in your home, however.

The reason I say this is because usually the “urgency” of wanting to do something is not always the best way.  It takes time to get organized – the right way, that is.

Disorganization and clutter usually doesn’t occur over night.  So to expect to create an organized environment swiftly is just adding additional pressure on yourself.

Just like with anything else in life that you want to be successful at, there is a system to follow.  Getting organized is no exception.

There’s a reason why my clients are able to live clutter-free.  It’s not magic.  But there is a method I teach them. 

If you’d like to learn how to reduce your stress, overcome your anxiety and create a living space that reflects the essence of “who you are” then my Mindfulness Coaching Program just might be the answer to your clutter problems.

I’d love the opportunity to explain the program to you and see if it’s a proper fit.  You can find out everything you need by scheduling a call with me HERE.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  Talk to you soon!