Feeling Overwhelmed? Try This.

We all feel overwhelmed at times.  And overwhelm is no stranger to lack of follow through.

Don’t beat yourself up and don’t put so much pressure on yourself if you are having difficulty right now completing something.

The mind on overwhelm is complicated.  It’s going to signal you to feel an array of emotions which can leave you feeling anywhere from anxious to exhausted.

But there are things you can do to control the chaos and be productive again.

Here’s how:

First, you need to capture it.Take the ‘overwhelm’ out of your head and put it on paper, where you can distance yourself from it a bit.  Just brain dump everything that is gnawing at you that you would like to get done.

Then I want you to sort it all out.  We refer to this as “Chunking.”  Think of it as categorizing your tasks and to-dos with headings and then sub-headings (keeping like with like).

Here’s an example:


ERRANDS (Category)                                         CALLS (Category)
Post Office (Sub)                                                  Make Eye Dr. Appt. (Sub)
Dry Cleaners (Sub)                                              Dinner Reservations (Sub)
Bank (Sub)                                                             Home repair estimates (Sub)

Next, choose the category that you want to take care of immediately.  Don’t overthink it.

And finally, take Action.  Either do it immediately, schedule it into your calendar, delegate the task, but take action right there and then.

By doing this simple exercise your mind will reward you by feeling uplifted and more positive.

Remember, break things down as much as possible whenever you feel it’s getting too big for your mind to handle.  It’s how you find simplicity in the complicated.

3 Strategies That Can Help You Get Organized

3 Strategies That Can Help You Get Organized

There are three strategies that can make your organizing efforts more successful. 

It begins with taking a look at organizing from a psychological, social and tactical aspect. 

Here’s a quick intro to get you started:

It’s extremely important that mentally you start out with a positive outlook and you maintain that throughout.  Feeding your mind healthy thoughts is good for the brain and helps sustain your motivation.  Using your mind to envision your outcome is also important by staying focused on the “outcome.”

We are humans and we’re not designed to do things alone.  Having a support system is critical to your well-being.  A mentor, friend, coach, peer, someone that you can openly and honestly talk to and receive feedback and pointers from is the key to following through.

Having an organizing plan that you can execute with confidence can make a huge difference with how you manage your time. Make sure you understand how to declutter, sort and organize in the most efficient manner.

All three strategies play an important role separately and collectively. Through the process of getting organized you may find yourself bouncing from one to the other for strength. endurance and stability.  ​

Remember, organizing can be something you just “do” or it can be a lifestyle.  It all depends upon how you choose to look at it.

Can I Mentor You For The Next 30 Days?

Can I Mentor You For The Next 30 Days?

How would you like to work with me for the next 30 days?

What would happen if you were able to let go of the things (clutter and all) that are standing in the way of you living your best life?

Would that progress make you happier, healthier, more productive and fulfilled?

Well to get there, perhaps you need a coach.

Just like elite athletes need a coach helping them climb to higher levels, so do you.

That’s why I’m kicking-off my 30 Day Challenge; Flourish In Wellness.

And if you act now, you’ll be able to take advantage of the

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Sometimes You Can’t Do It Alone

Sometimes it just feels too tedious, too much, too overwhelming to get things done.

As hard as you try, and as much as you want to push through, you find yourself stopping and getting frustrated.

It’s a hard battle with clutter, especially during this time of year with tax season in full gear and papers piling up.  Everything can feel, well, just too much!

This is the time when social organizing can be helpful.

Judith Kolberg writes about this in her book, Conquering Chronic Disorganization, discusses how many people find the act of organizing, sorting and weeding through difficult to do on their own.  She writes about social organizing and also body doubling, which is where an organizer sits quietly, as a silent partner, and/or can facilitate by handing over paperwork, files, etc. 

The key here is that the work would not be accomplished without the silent partner as a body double provides you with an anchor and a mirror.

Can you relate to this?  Perhaps today is the day you recognize that you’re tired of wasting time, and getting nowhere.  By working with a professional you can pull yourself out of this vicious cycle. Interestingly enough, the person helping you doesn’t have to be there in person in order for you to get things done. 

I’ve worked for years virtually, helping people de-clutter their spaces, sort through their things, organize their rooms.  There’s a level of comfort that provides the person the right dose of motivation and confidence to complete their tasks, simply by having me there to answer a question or give advice if needed. 

With the commitment of a specified amount of time and the right dose of willingness, magic happens. 

To make an appointment to see if social organizing is right for you, simply click here!





What’s On Your Top Ten List?

Year after year, getting ORGANIZED consistently ranks as one of the Top Ten New Year Resolutions.

FREE Offer to make your New Year a Healthy One by Patricia Diesel

Being organized provides so many benefits. Here’s what you can expect once you’re organized:

Peace of Mind
Increased Productivity
Reduced Stress
Improved Relationships
Better Health
Cost Savings

My goal for 2019 is to help women become aware of the benefits of being organized so they can live healthier lives. That’s why I redesigned my website.

Now you can book a FREE call with me, purchase my books and products and read informative news on my blog. (Oh, and I updated the About Me page with some juicy info.) You can check it all out here!

2019 can be the year you finally get organized. All you have to do is decide you want it to be!

This 1 Thing Could Be Affecting The Workplace

One In Four Americans Has Clutter

If you think clutter doesn’t impact productivity in the workplace, think again.
When your environment is cluttered, the chaos restricts your ability to focus. The clutter also limits your brain’s ability to process information. Clutter makes you distracted and unable to process information as well as you do in an uncluttered, organized, and serene environment. Overloading your brain forces it to divide its power, making it more difficult to sift through information, move between tasks, quickly, and have a strong working memory.
(Princeton University)
If you are an employee or an employer of someone who is suffering in the workplace, there is something you can do about it.  I’ve developed a Mindfulness Program that cuts through the clutter.  Let’s set up a time to discuss your options and see how I can help you.  Here’s a link to my calendar.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Patricia Diesel


This Applies To All Of Us

When I was younger, I used to think I was invincible – gosh, I guess if I’m really honest about it, I thought that right up until that dreaded day when everything changed for me. I think many of us feel that way. We never imagine the day will come when our life will be changed forever. No one wants to think about that. So we live our life, (as we should) and carry on.

There is something that I realized through all of this, and that is, none of us are invincible or immune to life’s uncertainties. Anything can happen at any given time. What’s important is how we deal with it all. And I mean right down to the lessons we learn from the experience and how we apply these lessons to our life.

It’s so fascinating to me, sometimes I still shake my head in wonderment, that the 3 Lessons I learned during my health crisis are so applicable to just about everyone’s life. They are really very simple yet powerful lessons that can be so enlightening.

I want to share them with you. I really believe they will make a difference for you. So far, the people that I have already shared them with are in agreement. Quite frankly, there have been some really cool “aha” moments for them.

So I invite you once again to take me up on my offer. Let’s chat and catch our breath together. I Think you will be glad we did. Oh, and remember, this special invite expires soon and only a few sessions remain.

And one last thing. As a special gift, you will be receiving a copy of my book, Organically Yours, the workbook and the 3 Lessons to Remember. You’re gona love it!


What Do You MOST Want From Life?

What do you most want from life? It’s a fascinating question, isn’t it?

Some people have to really think about this for awhile when I ask them this. It’s as if their brain becomes a volcano, bubbling over with a million different thoughts. It’s painful for them. They want so much to be able to just definitively answer the question but they simply cannot. They don’t know how to answer the question because they are not clear.

The truth is, it’s hard to figure out what you want when you have mental clutter.

Think about this… Isn’t it difficult to be crystal clear about something when it feels like you are being inundated by your thoughts day in and day out? When there’s a constant flood of doubt and fear? I’ve been there so I know what that feels like – and it’s exhausting!

Mental Clutter Hurts!

Remember those 3 Lessons to Remember I mentioned to you earlier in my previous emails? (That I gathered from my new book, Organically Yours) Well, those little lessons help me tremendously whenever I start to feel scattered and overwhelmed. I’m reminded of what is and what is not. I know they can help you too.

I want to share this information with you and help you get crystal clear on what you want MOST so you can begin to actually live life, not exist in it, but really live it. I’ve opened up virtually 10 days of my life to do this because I love helping people just like you. I get to witness amazing, courageous people take ownership of their life and proclaim their right to live life on their own terms … truly, how beautiful is that?

All you have to do is say yes to my gift. It’s all here for the taking. Simply say yes!