Endurance and Passion – Finding The Winner In You


It’s interesting to me how I view the words endurance and passion so differently since I began the Simplify Me Challenge.

Although it’s understood that endurance represents staying power, patience, and to some level survival, I never realized that I had the ability to stay within the confines of these words to help bring out the winner in me.

What I mean by this is typically when I would have “enough” of something, I would choose to stop or let it go.  But this time, this challenge has brought out something bigger within me that I cannot give up just because I feel like it.  There is something that has stirred within me that is almost primal – the desire and the need to fight.

I guess that’s where the word passion comes in.  I used to equate this word with love and romance for another person,  a career or hobby.  I understand that passion is about excitement, delight and somewhat of an obsession to a point, however, what I am beginning to see is this passion has expanded into something bigger, almost viral, that has managed to seep into my very core.  For the first time, I am feeling passionate about me.

It’s a new feeling that I am getting acquainted with and although at times I internally kick and scream through my challenge, I feel amazingly blessed that I am learning so much more about myself and how I can use this experience to help my clients even more.

The brutal truth is for years I have championed my clients through their life’s turbulence.  Steering and directing them  through the chaos, helping them reclaim order once again.  Witnessing their inner strength, watching them claim their victory and feel like a winner has brought me much joy for which I am eternally grateful and I know has contributed to my business success.

But this current journey is teaching me so much more.  It is helping me push myself to limits I never knew existed within me.  It’s making me fight for the winner that has been trapped inside and waiting to get out.  It’s bringing me to uncharted areas of my life that is making me believe on a much deeper dimension my favorite quote by Emily Dickinson…

“Dwell In Possibility” for when you do, you will find the winner in you!

Always my best,









I Am Taking My Own “Simplify Me” Challenge!

I am going to be taking my own “Simplify Me” Challenge!

I have decided it’s time to make some changes in my life.  These changes have been long thought out, debated, and swirled around enough to marinate for quite some time.

And I am now ready to implement them.

What has prompted this need for change?

Well for starters I believe in the power of manifesting what you believe in.  I believe we have the ability to attract positive and negative energy into our lives, therefore this will determine what type of experiences we have.

I have come to realize that I was carrying around some limited beliefs about myself that ultimately were hurting me and not helping to create the life I truly want and now feel I deserve.

Now that I understand the power behind our thoughts and spoken words, I also realize how precious a gift it is to be able to manifest our desires.  It is not something I take lightly.

In order for me to begin the journey of “simplifying my life” I recognize that I have parts of my being that need to be in check.  Simply meaning, I feel it necessary to do the work that is needed to be of sound mind, body and spirit.

One of the ways that I would like to share my journey with you my dear friends is by letting you read my everyday journal postings here on my blog about it and in other social media settings such as Facebook and Twitter.

Starting Monday, June 25, 2012 I will be waking at 5:15 am for four mornings out of seven to embark on my workout routine.  Stephanie, who will be working as my fitness coach from the BarMethod has been heaven sent.  I liked her from the moment I met her and secretly stashed that away for future reference.  Something in me new that this day would come.

You see, I tried the the program before and although I did see immediate results, I simply was not ready to be held accountable or committed to the process of change.  I am confident that I have what it takes to make the transformation and am not only excited about it, but thankful.

Will it kick my ass?  Yes!

Am I up for the challenge?  You bet!

So what prompted the need to simplify my life to bring about the change I so desire?

‘ll let you in on a private secret …But only if you can break the code.

It’s a three word sentence.  The first word is one letter.  The second word is four letters and the third word is two letters.

Let me know what you think it may be…(I’m listening!)

It is my sincere hope that through my journey you will break your own code and come to live a life of simplicity.




The Lesson That I Learned

The Lesson That I Learned – What Is Accountability.  This Tuesday’s Tel-Class – April 3, 3012.


One morning I was in the office before usual business hours getting ready for my day ahead, when my telephone rang.


Detecting a sense of worry from the caller, I listened to her until her anxiety subsided.


I then asked her a question, which I believe became the turning point for her, which was;


“What part of the clutter are you willing to take ownership of?”


So I ask you my dear readers…


If you are struggling with overwhelming feelings because you can’t get out of your own way due to the chaos of clutter….


“Are you ready to be held accountable?”


Is this resonating for you?  Then you probably will want to learn more by signing up for this Tuesday’s Tel-Class …




Please read on to learn more…. 


It is not uncommon when someone is faced with insurmountable amounts of clutter to place blame on everyone or anything, as long as it isn’t them.  The reason being, I believe, is it can be very painful to accept (until we are ready) that we could be the source of own downfall.


From my experience, I have witnessed countless times, clients who try to maintain control over their clutter, failing to recognize that they are powerless over something that is virtually bigger than them.


Until their level of denial is penetrated, excuses will continue. It is when a person can accept the reality of what their clutter is about; a by-product or symptom of something else, the clutter will then cease.


There have been critical times, right before work will commence or a contract needs to be signed, that a person will reject or find fault with something in order to stay still in there mess.  The manifestation of their clutter is far more comforting then the prospect of clearing out the chaos.


This is the time that understanding and patience is required.  It is not always easy, if I do say so myself, especially when hours of time have been invested before hand, but never the less, it is in the client’s best interest not to pursue action, since it will only lead to unsuccessful attempts.


We will go into further detail about the above in this Tuesday’s Tel-Class – REGISTER HERE!    


One of the ways to break this cycle is to participate in support groups, sign up for workshops and engage in coaching programs that have an emphasis on clutter education.  This way, a foundation has been set and groundwork is complete before entering into a formal commitment of the de-cluttering process.


As I have always maintained, baby steps are the way to changing behavioral patterns.  It is also important to recognize that celebrating your victories, no matter how small, is key for success.


In the end, the person who can maintain accountability for their actions will triumph over the clutter.


There’s no doubt about it – accountability is the key ingredient here, but you first need to learn what that word represents for you in order to be successful.


Let me share with you what I have learned about accountability and how it has personally and professionally helped me grow as a person.



Unclutter Your Love – Tel-Class Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Unclutter Your Love – Tel-Class Tuesday, February 7, 2012 is going to be a class you won’t ever forget.

It’s February – the month of LOVE.

I for one, particularly love the concept of Valentine’s Day, but I don’t necessarily think it has to be just for “lovers.”  I think sharing the love with our family and friends can go a long way.

It is in this spirit that I think this month is a wonderful opportunity to learn how to make your relationships better than ever.


Unclutter Your Love - Tel-Class Tuesday, February 7, 2012

This Tuesday, I am offering a ground-breaking tel-class, Unclutter Your Love based on a current book that I am writing and my years of experience helping people overcome their physical and emotional clutter..

We will be having a relationship expert/family therapist as our guest speaker as we delve into root causes and explore tips on how to organize your way back to love.

I know, it’s so exciting – so if I were you I wouldn’t miss out and I would Register Now!

This exciting event will explore the following topics:

  • Messy or neat….who wins?
  • How we may be expressing anger, sadness or disappointment through clutter
  • Exposing the real conflict
  • The strategy of compromise
  • How to set your boundaries without crossing the line
  • The secret to effective communication
  • Bridging the gap with humor
  • The powerful effect of happiness
  • Agreeing on a lifestyle that works for both of you
  • Asking yourself the tough questions

I am always interested in teaching new topics to my clients and think this one will be really instrumental in helping you and your loved ones.

Don’t miss out on learning how to Unclutter Your Love!





Why I Chose My Winners To Get Simplified!

To say the least, Melissa and Tammy wooed me!

They made me feel something for them…

And for me, that translated into wanting to help them.

Check out what they had to say and you will see why it wasn’t difficult for me to select these Two Amazing Women as My Winners!




               Melissa’s Story



Hi Patricia,

The clutter and disorder in my life has become my biggest obstacle. I ran across your contest on the internet and it inspired me to do something about the heaviness that is preventing me from becoming all I can be.
So….. 3 Good Reasons Why I Want To Get Organized. 

(How will getting organized benefit my life?)

Reason #1: Getting organized will allow me the freedom to live my life, to focus and achieve my goals.

I am an over achiever with a dirty little secret. To the outside world I seem the confident, pulled together career woman, able to handle anything that is thrown at her.  At home I am exhausted and unable to relax, completely overwhelmed with stuff. Lots of stuff. Old stuff, new stuff….stuff that should have been thrown out years ago…stuff that makes no sense….stuff that is smothering me….stuff that is stopping me…holding me back….occupying my shelves, my life and my mind.  I am stuck…unable to move.

There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think about it….how to manage it…where to pile it, put it, stack it, fold it, categorize it, store it….in case…I need it.

All this thinking about stuff just makes me feel heavy…and nothing ever gets done about it. Something is always more important… I am at a complete stall.

Every plan I have for myself begins with these thoughts….”As soon as I get organized..”, “When I finally have the time to organize….”, “If I could only GET ORGANIZED!”

I keep telling myself I need time to accomplish this…and it never happens.

I have tried to analyze why I do this…why I buy things I don’t need, that don’t fit….that I don’t even LIKE…and why I hold on to everything I buy and have bought…unwilling to part with it….in case I need it….in case it fits some day. In case it comes back in style….like clogs…..I mean..that proves my point…doesn’t it?

Is it because my parents lived through the great depression? “Save everything…it cost you hard earned money..don’t you dare throw money away like that….”

My father collected tools, nuts and bolts…tiny little things in piles…all over the garage…my mother collected paper, books, memorabilia….I still have all of her things…in a storage unit…because she will not part with them.

As I sit here on Thanksgiving night…drinking a chocolate martini…writing this contest entry…amidst piles of paper…bags, books, boxes,dishes in the sink…while my two cats run amok…I can’t for the life of me figure out where to start….

When I have a day off…I think…wow! Today is the day…I can begin! ….It never happens. Perhaps…I am afraid.

I want to break the pattern, I want to lighten the load…shake my wings free and soar! I want to start my own business and free my space, as well as my mind from clutter…so…I can focus. I want to make a difference.

Reason #2. Getting organized will allow me more time to dedicate to loved ones.

Aside from holding down a demanding career, I am a full time caregiver to an ailing parent. Along with managing my mother’s daily needs (diet restrictions, cooking, bathing, laundry etc) I am constantly shuffling around clutter.  Because I am constantly moving things around and rearranging things…I am unable to spend time with my mom that is worthwhile. At the end of a long day, when I finally sit down, it is either past midnight and she is asleep or I find myself exhausted and too short tempered to talk….not very good company to someone who has just spent the day alone with no one to talk to.

I have help with the house cleaning…although…the cleaning lady can’t really do much…because it is impossible to move around the stuff. My house is never dirty…it is just a cluttered disaster! I am embarrassed to have friends and family over. If I do host an event I spend days going on a painful hide and clean binge. It is like being bulimic….buy,pile, HIDE as opposed to eat and purge!  The first floor will be spotless and sparkling:) the upstairs bedrooms and basement will look like Beirut! I have even gone so far as hiding the cats…along with their kitty litter in my mother’s bedroom!

If I was able to simplify my life, I would have more time for my mother and a cleaner, safer environment for her. I could host a party and spend quality time with my guests without feeling like I fought a war!

Reason #3 Getting organized will allow me to sell our home and finally live with my husband!

My husband, is in the military and is currently serving in Afghanistan. He is away from home for many months…sometimes a year at a time. This leaves the business of running the household and managing our affairs to me. When he is home…he works and lives in Washington DC, we spend weekends together. We are unable to live together because our house in NJ needs to be renovated before we can sell it. I would like to complete the project before my husband returns home from his tour in the spring. I don’t want to disappoint him.

We live in a very old farm house (circa 1920)…I have undertaken several renovation projects and now have to tackle the upstairs rooms in our home. The accumulation of clutter (especially upstairs)makes this job ten times harder than it should be. I am embarrassed to take the contractors up to look at the job because of the mess. My husband wants me to get the house ready for sale so that we can finally live together in one place! I just can’t seem to step back and come up with a plan that works.

I would like to have a comfortable place for my husband to come home to. I don’t want to allow the clutter to stop us from living together as a family.

3 Good Reasons:  Why I Want To Work With Patricia

(How will the quality of my life improve by working with Patricia?)

Reason #1:
I need someone to help me find a path!
I can not do this alone! I am not a person who asks for help easily. As a matter of fact my typical mantra is…”I can do this! I don’t need help…I can make this happen on my own.”  Well…this time I can’t. By admitting this I am already improving my life. As much as I don’t want to say it…I need help. I am at my wits end! I need assistance, I need a strategy, I need some sort of a push to get out of this stall pattern and hit this thing hard. I am sick of living like this. I am tried of crying in the shower and feeling overwhelmed!

Reason #2:
I need to be able to get up in the morning and out of the door without feeling like I have put in a full days work.
I can never seem to find anything to wear…my bedroom looks like Filene’s Basement after an explosion. I don’t even know what I have. Although it can be fun to hang out in my room and dig through all of the cool, funky clothes (never, ever bought at full price!)…like the purple faux Persian lamb cape coat….evening gowns..every color ..some never worn with the tags still on them…red and white,candy striped, peep toe, spike heels with bows…(thought they would be cool while lounging by the cabana…WHAT cabana????), I cannot seem to find one single outfit that fits my body shape and size TODAY that is suitable for work. So….after preparing mom’s breakfast and taking it to her…. after packing her lunch….after feeding the cats….after doing the dishes…throwing in a load of laundry….making a cup of coffee….I enter my bedroom and begin the mad Dig and Dash.

I frantically begin the search through one of 6 areas that I store (or semi-store) my clothes in. The guest bedroom has become a place to pile clothes and throw shoes…there are also two closets in this room full of clothes and shoes….I have three closets in my bedroom…along with a rolling clothes rack and another closet in the bathroom…another rolling rack in my entry foyer, stuffed with clothes… and another closet on the first floor…supposedly for coats….although I am no longer really sure WHAT is in there. Most of my clothes are dry clean only…so there is a ton of plastic over the clothes making it difficult to see where anything is.

I begin by tearing off plastic…trying on things that don’t fit and piling them on to an ironing board. After about a half an hour of digging and trying on, and discarding and repeating…I look at the clock…panic, yell goodbye to my mother, trip over one of the cats and run out the door….late for work…again. Sometimes…unable to make a decision, I throw a second pair of shoes into a bag and bring them with me….in case I want to change them
before entering the office. I leave behind a pile of clean clothes…that will just grow bigger as the week progresses.

As much as the paragraph above might have made you laugh…the next will be sobering.

I am tired of living like this. There is no reason for this stupid excess. I should know better. My husband spends a lot of time in third world countries, where people have nothing but the clothes on their backs. I am ashamed of what I am doing and I want and need to stop. I need someone to set me straight and remind me of this.

Reason #3
Clutter and disorganization has stalled my (and our) life, and I want it back.
My husband and I wanted to adopt…we have dreamed of having a family. We talk about it , but there never seems to be a right time.  I have all of the paper work…we even began the home study before he left…but I have never been able to complete all of the documentation required. I am getting older and I fear that the opportunity may have passed. It is sad to think that the clutter in my life has prevented me and my husband from sharing our love with a child. I don’t want the clutter to stop us from doing what is important to us. I hate that I spend so much time with this disorder that I can’t enjoy my life with my husband.  Our marriage is strong…but I am not sure any marriage could withstand this burden over time. I fear that, without help, I will lose everything that is important to me and be left with only regret. I have not been able to make this happen on my own. I need someone that I trust in my corner to help me keep the gloves on. I need a coach.
I want to win this fight.


Melissa Williams




    Tammy’s Story



Dear Patricia,

I’m so excited to join your contest!

I didn’t hesitate to list my three good reasons why I want to live an organized life.  I absolutely know why!!!

1)    I am ready, r e a d y, READY!!!!!  I’m beyond ready!  I’m mental, physically and spiritually ready to get it right.  (It’s the off season in my business right now so I am not only ready, but willing and able.)
Mentally I need this to help me cope, physically I’m going to be 50 soon and can’t just keep plowing through & spiritually I want the peace in my life to focus on the most important things. Let’s go!!!!

2)    I have no choice.  I HAVE to get a system because my life is sooooo full.  I can’t see my way clear to cultivating the right system on my own.  I’ve seen a lot, read some, listened to those who ARE organized.  I desire it….but I need HELP!  I want to put my efforts into something worthwhile.  I’m afraid to pick the wrong thing, because then, I may not pick something successful and will end up further behind with more wasted time and less of a chance to try again.  Like a failed diet!  No choice.  I HAVE to do this.

3)  My girls.  I have a 10 and 14 year old girls.  I don’t want to have them live in and perpetuate my chaos.  I want to teach them how to balance their lives properly.  I see some of my bad influence in them now and I see them struggle.  I wish I knew how to help them.  Please!  Help me so I can in turn help my own girls improve the quality of their lives too.  My husband, I and my girls all benefit.  It would improve the quality of the life in my family beyond words!

Three reasons why I need YOU!

1)  No fanny patting… I want the BEST!  If I’m going to give it 100% I want someone who is THEE authority on the subject; Someone whom I admire and can truly learn from;  Someone who calms me and helps me complete a thought!  That’s YOU, Patricia!  I’ve spoken with you and have longed to partner up together.  I know I could be a great student!

2)  I’ve wanted to have a session with you forever.  I think I’ve been trying for two years now and with a new business and paying for the girls to go to Christian school…I just have not been able to budget myself in, even though I know the value of it.

3)  My health.  I don’t know how to do this on my own.  If I could of, I would of by now.  NO ONE would be able to understand my life like you.  I’m working only 76 hours a week now (off season!), am an assistant leader in 4H and active in the Christian school as well as a mom and wife.  I keep myself pared down to only important things and keep downtime at home a priority.

I don’t want to run, run, run….so I don’t; but…and it’s a big BUT….I don’t know how to turn down the pressure in my own life.  My business is a convenience store, with gas pumps, liquor store, laudrymat and full pizzeria/deli.  I’m BUSY!!!!  I’ve done good.  People always tell me they don’t know how I do it….but I probably could do it with much less effect on my health and family if I had your help!

Thanks for your consideration!

Tammy Schack and Family


I had no idea how many entries would be coming my way, and what I would be encountering.

I am amazed at the time everyone took to express their feelings in terms of where they are now and where they would like to be in the future!

As you know, I put a strong emphasis on the word “feeling.”  I wanted to really be able to “feel” someone’s emotions pour out so I could get a real good pulse on what they were experiencing and how their life would be different if they had an opportunity to change their course.

So please let me preface that this was an exhilarating and emotional challenge for me as well.

As I read all the entries, I  laughed, I pondered, I analyzed, I cried, but mostly I was just in awe of all of YOU!

I want to say thank-you to each and everyone one of you who took the time to participate in this contest – you are SIMPLY AMAZING!

But as you know, someone has to be the winner and I am head over heels, couldn’t be happier to announce…

THE GRAND PRIZE WINNER of a complimentary consult & assessment & one-on-one time with me is….

Melissa M. Williams – Grand Prize Winner

Melissa’s story compelled me to want to help her – I guess you can say, she wooed me big time!  I read her story over and over and allowed myself sometime to really imagine what her life must be like.  She did an excellent job of depicting her circumstances and strongly conveyed to me that she is certainly up for THE CHALLENGE!

So let’s give a big time round of applause for Melissa.

But wait, there is one other winner to be announced – Tammy Schack!

Tammy’s story resonated with me! I can tell that with a little coaching help she will be able to sort a few things out that she is currently challenged with.  So I am thrilled to announce that Tammy has won a COMPLIMENTARY COACHING SESSION WITH ME!  Yahoo for Tammy!

Once again, thank you to everyone who participated – I hope in some way this helped you realize that living an organized and simplified life is a very COOL THING TO DO!

Check Out Melissa and Tammy’s Story!



Get Simplified – Take The Challenge!

I have a Special Announcement that I am so excited to share with you!

In honor of launching my new website – (which I’m just loving – aren’t you?) I am officially running the “Simplify Me – Take The Challenge” contest.

So what does this mean for you?

Well it means lots of fabulous, deliciously good things for you, but first you have to be prepared to be courageous enough to enter the contest and put yourself “out there” … and I mean soulfully, gut wrenching, deep rooted, out there.  And then you will you have the opportunity of a lifetime to finally put the wheels in motion towards getting your life in order.

So if you are interested in taking the “Simplify Me Challenge” here is all you have to do:

  • Give me 3 Good Reasons Why You Want To Get Organized.  (How will getting organized benefit your life?)
  • Give me 3 Good Reasons  Why You Want To Work With Me.  (How will the quality of your life improve by working with me?)

Now here’s a clue –  superficial answers will not win me over – I want the wow factor – I want you to dig deep and really express yourself to me.   Wow me over!

You do this by emailing me here:  PatriciaDiesel@keepitsimplenow.com

So what will you win?  (Yes, I know, this is the key factor of why you are going to go through all of this in the first place right?)

Well, my dear, you are going to win ME!  And then I am going to give YOU a complimentary Consult & Assessment and then additional One-On-One time with me! (Rules & Regulations do apply)  There is no price on the value of this – (How can you put a price on getting your life back on track and breathing easier?  You simply can’t.)  That’s why this “Simplify Me – Take The Challenge” contest is one of a kind – jump at the chance, just do it now opportunity!

Why am I doing this?

Because I have seen within the past ten years of my practice the overall success of my clients and there is nothing more rewarding then to see happy faces and feel good feelings that change people’s lives.  I believe in the process of what it takes to live an organized life. It’s why I do what I do and what makes me want to forge forward even in the toughest of times.  I know my programs work and I want you to have the opportunity to see what a deep impact they will have on you and how life enhancing they will be!

So this is what you need to know as well…

I will be judging them myself.  Yes, that’s right.  I am going to take the time to read each entry and judge them on how they make me feel.  REMEMBER, I need to feel everything about you.

The Winner will be posted on Friday, November 25, 2011.  (That’s the day after Thanksgiving.)  So you have plenty of time to really provide thought provoking information to me.  I will be posting the Winner on my Blog.  And hey, you never know, I may just be in the festive mood to give some other goodies away – one never knows how you may turn my head if you really give me something good!

So there you go…good luck...take your time…really think…and I wish you the best of success!  I will be talking to you soon!

Here’s to living simply,




Sometimes life is messy and that means our “stuff” gets all mixed up and we can feel out of sorts.

Our perspective on things can change, thus causing us to feel somewhat disappointed and confused.

And then there comes a time when maybe, just maybe, we catch a glimpse of no matter how things appear to be, it’s simply our beautiful mess and we accept this is just where we are…

And there’s no shame where we are because it’s “A Beautiful Mess!”

A Beautiful Mess

~Jason Mraz

12 A Beautiful Mess

How Clutter Will Travel

Organizing Expert Takes Her Show On The Road

Local Organizing Expert Is Helping People Door to Door Reclaim Their Lives. Patricia Diesel, Founder & CEO of Keep It Simple Now, a professional organizing and life coaching business continues to make ground-breaking efforts to help people get organized.  Diesel says – “Clutter is on the rise and within each state there are many cluttered souls that need help.”

People are continually inviting Diesel into their homes to help them “let-go” of their stuff and regain control over their lives.  “Clutter is a very personal and private affair” says Diesel – “It is an honor and a privilege to be able to help and assist people get their lives back in order.”

Patricia Diesel's On The Road De-Cluttering Lives
Patricia Diesel
On The Road De-Cluttering Lives

From Arizona to Maryland, Diesel assesses each client with compassion and empathy, but make no mistake, this organizing expert doesn’t “mess” around.  “I’m there to help my clients fight back and reclaim their homes and their lives – I teach them how to jump in and win the battle over their clutter.” Diesel states.

Diesel has made guest appearances on TLC, GMA, Lifetime and other networks, but she claims there is nothing more fulfilling than actually working with a client step-by-step, from beginning to end.  “Going through the process with them and celebrating their success is what keeps me passionate about my business.  I just love it.” Diesel concludes.

To learn more on Diesel’s De-Cluttering – visit  patriciadiesel.wordpress.com

# # #

Can Moving Our Stuff Really Change Our Lives?

Can Feng Shui bring us love, money, respect and happiness?

Some people believe by implementing Feng Shui concepts into their lives they can find much of their heart’s desire – such as dream jobs,  better grades in school,  intimate relationships on a deeper level and so forth.

I am curious, what do you think?

Do you think utilizing Feng Shui practices help with living an organized life?

Can Feng Shui bring us love, money, respect and happiness?

Well, I will tell you, up until this point, I have been, well, how can I say it, a tad skeptical and quite frankly, so focused on my subject matter that I just was not so interested in learning anything further about this.

However, as my business evolved, the topic of Feng Shui continued to appear in front of me in some of the most interesting ways …

Until eventually I just said, ok Pat, take your own advice here…

You are always preaching – “an open mind sees opportunities that others miss” –  so what do I need to see that I may be missing from the topic of Feng Shui?

As I started to explore the subject matter a little bit more, I found some connections with living an organized life simply fascinating.

The irony is way beyond coincidence so I feel compelled to share it with you.

I hope you will join me for this tel-class because it’s going to be so much fun and informative that I wouldn’t doubt it if you started to think twice about it too.

So come on, REGISTER now and let’s explore it together.

Let’s talk about it on Tuesday’s Tips Tel-Class!