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Celebrity Talk…with Marlo Thomas

So here’s the scoop…the dating video is out….
check it out here:


Marlo’s new book, Growing Up Laughing, has prompted a new website www.marlothomas.com where she has created an exciting community for women to discuss a variety of topics.

What did we talk about?

She was interested to learn about my experience as a single mom and going through the “empty nest” phase – with having only one child.

She was curious to know what it feels like to date in your 40’s & 50’s as a single woman…(now you know I have stories for you here that will make you laugh.)


The Cluttered Soul…

“Nothing clutters the soul more than remorse, resentment and recrimination.”

– Norman Cousins – Author of Head First and Anatomy of an Illness.

My Dear Friends,

Our souls radiate our eternal essence.  I believe it’s how we find our soul mates, our soul sisters and kin.

Relinquishing painful experiences and learning how to “let-go” helps the soul be free to match up to other like souls.

It’s no coincidence one of the 3 golden organizing rules is to “keep like with like”  – this rule is designed so we may bring about harmony and peace in our life.

When our mind, our body, our environment is cluttered – our soul’s light becomes dull and cries out to shine and be healthy.  A cluttered soul invites and manifests illness – which can come in many forms of disease and disorders. If we took a moment to examine hoarding from this perspective, I think we would find some interesting information.

It is such an undeniably remarkable gift – our souls.  They are deserving of nourishment and light.

My prayer is that we can one day learn how to feed our souls bountifully to ward off anything that can remotely threaten our well-being.  This is my prayer.



“If It’s Not Meeting A Need – Turn It Into A Seed”

It’s true

We hold onto things because we have ourselves believing that one day we will use it.  Or, the memory of the object is so powerful we give it full permission to take over our emotions.

Then something funny happens – the things that we have been clinging to, you know,  the items we convince ourselves are so wonderful,  are no longer making us feel good – and in some cases, can actually make us feel pretty darn rotten.

Now we have created two problems – physical clutter from our stuff we are holding onto – and emotional clutter because of the stories we keep telling ourselves, producing guilt and anxiety.

So what to do, what to do…

Create a lifestyle of giving

Most clutter experts say…(yes, me included) that “if you haven’t used an item within the past year, give it away!”

Joel Osteen states in his book Your Best Life Now, that “If it’s not meeting a need, turn it into a seed.  We will reap what we sow.”

Consider this

The extra things that are in your basement, attic or garage – why not have a garage sale and see what you can sell at reasonable prices.  Don’t think that this isn’t helping people because it is.  There are plenty of people who need your stuff that simply cannot afford to buy new; books, baby items, clothes, kitchen utensils, tools.

Then whatever is left – donate to a favorite charity of yours or give it away to someone you personally know who is in need.  By doing this, I do believe you will see the benefits that far outweigh holding your items.

What’s The # 1 Thing…

Tell me, please…

I am listening and I really want to help you…

So here it is…

What’s the #1 thing, right now, that you would like to know about living an organized life?

Email me:  Info@Keepitsimplenow.com

The 7 Principles For Coping With Change – A Virtual Workshop

The 7 Principles For Coping With Change Workshop

When:  September 9, 16, & 23 – Thursday Evenings – 7:30-9:00 PM Eastern Time

They say that time changes everything, but I believe it is up to us to change things …
and that’s exactly what I am prepared to teach you in this upcoming virtual workshop!

I am so excited!

Here’s the deal – for most  of us, change can be a frightening thing that can create stress, lack of sleep, change in eating habits and even depression.

It’s true…

We have no control over what tomorrow will bring, but we don’t have to let the “change” define us.

We can learn how to embrace change in positive ways by raising our awareness and empowering us for growth opportunities we never dreamed possible!

Still not convinced?

I ran two tele-classes on this very subject because part one received such a high peak of interest that it warranted further exploration.

On the second call, I interviewed Leslie Fornino who shared her compelling story with us about how she faced “change” and what it taught her.  Leslie passed on pearls of wisdom that were inspirational and motivational.

Listen to the interview here:


This is what you can expect from this event as we work through the 7 Principles of Change:
  • 4.5 Hours of Tele-Class Time
  • Download of “Change” Workbook
  • Live PowerPoint Presentation
  • Homework Assignments with Feedback
  • 30 Minute Private Coaching Session
  • 7 Principles of Change

Click on the “Link” below to learn more and to register for this event.

I am so excited!


I have done my very best to bring you valuable content with a value pack price.  I know this is going to be an amazing workshop and I want you to be with me on this journey.  I look forward to your participation – but hurry – attendance is limited.

Real Estate and Clutter – The Time Is Now!

Real Estate and Clutter…
Are you allowing your stuff to reduce the net worth of your home?

Most of you know me as the Organizing Expert or the De-Cluttering Woman, but what you probably don’t know is that for over 15 years I have been in the Real Estate business.

Over the years, I have successfully marketed some of my client’s homes to help them fulfill their dreams of downsizing, relocating or upgrading.

In this recent economic climate, I have noticed that people who are experiencing financial and emotional duress are allowing their physical clutter to manifest in extreme degrees, thus creating their property value to drop.

Regardless if you are considering your options to rent, sell or stay put, your home needs to be clutter free and maintained to maximize your greatest return.

If you feel you need some help letting go of your stuff, de-cluttering, or anything else that will make your home more appealing to a potential buyer, please feel free to contact me.

I urge you to consider your options and not wait until it becomes too overwhelming and costly.

I hope the following tips help you!

Don’t Lose The Value

The two most important rooms in your home are the kitchen and bathroom.  Do you need to repair any plumbing issues?  Replace faucets or appliances?  Keeping your counters clutter free and a deep cleaning of these rooms will certainly make a huge difference.

Consider what needs to be refreshed and repaired to spotlight your home:

  • Windows that won’t open
  • Roof that’s leaking
  • Dripping faucets
  • Doors that won’t close
  • Painting of interior/exterior
  • Windows that need cleaning
  • Replace carpets
  • Landscaping

Remember – Less is More

Now is the time to learn how to let go of emotional attachments to your stuff to maximize your return.  De-cluttering is your best friend here.

Think of it this way – if it’s unappealing to you, what do you think a potential buyer or renter will think?

Play “friend, stranger, acquaintance”

Things that bring you joy and happiness and are truly essentials, are your friends – keep it.

Anything that is questionable, consider it an acquaintance and donate, give away or sell.

Strangers, that’s easy – just dump it!

“Keep It Simple Now” – TV Show

Starting in July, you can watch the show:

“Keep It Simple Now”

Hosted by Dr. Deborah Fisch, “Women in Mind” of The Northwest New Jersey Regional Women’s Center.

Here is the schedule:

Wednesday Evenings @ 5:30 PM (Comcast Cable, Channel 21)

Monday Evenings @ 7:00 PM (Cablevision, Channel 21)

Saturday’s @ 9:00 AM (Service Electric, Channel 44)

Monday’s @ 12:00 PM (HCTV, Channel 14)

Due to possible schedule changes, please consult your local cable schedule.

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Tuesday’s Tips Video – How To Start Over By Cutting Through The Emotional Clutter

Tuesday’s Tips Tele-Class is quite popular and continually growing.

I have a message for you to say “thank-you” for your support and feedback and welcome additional comments.

Please check out my video – it’s just for you!


Be Yourself …

“To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best night and day to make you everybody else means to
fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight; and never stop fighting.”

– E.E. Cummings

With so many outside influences it’s easy to get distracted and receive mixed messages.  We are constantly running here and there and juggling so many tasks.  The hardest battle is to stay true to who you are and what is important to you.  What quality of life are you seeking and how to maintain this lifestyle of simplicity.

Stay well my friends, stay well!