CLUTTER; The Great Imposter


The Great Imposter

When Mary first contacted me, she told me she was feeling a lack of motivation and extremely overwhelmed due to her excessive clutter.  She was concerned that the clutter was getting out of control and it was making her feel anxious on top of everything else.

I explained to her that clutter is just an outward  manifestation of what a person is feeling.  The clutter can intensify these feelings, but the clutter is not the cause of her lack of motivation and overwhelm.

It’s not unusual for a person to think that their clutter is the cause of their emotional upheaval.

For example:  The clutter simply mirrors back what you are feeling about yourself.  So when Mary says the clutter is making her feel overwhelmed and unmotivated, what she’s really saying is that she’s feeling that way.

The way to overcome Mary’s clutter is to take a deeper look at what is causing her to feel this way.  By doing so, she will eventually get to the underlying reason (root cause) of her physical clutter.

This is a very important step in the process of healing oneself of clutter.  If you just try to “clean-up” the clutter without addressing the root cause, the clutter will come back.  This is why we call it the cycle of clutter.

Usually the clutter gets stronger with each cycle.

Although this can at first feel uneasy, I assured Mary that by showing up and facing her fears, it would lead her to a better understanding of what’s driving her to outwardly manifest. With this new understanding she would be able to gain a fresh perspective and learn how to deal with her emotions in a more positive, healthier way.

Clutter has many faces and can deceive a person into thinking many things – it’s why I refer to it as the Great Imposter.  But don’t be fooled.  Your clutter is just you, trying to get your attention.

If you’re looking for more information on how to resolve your clutter, I suggest you begin with my on-line mindfulness program that will take you through all the steps necessary to living a clutter-free life.

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It’s time to face your stuff!

I know you want 2017 to be phenomenal – I do too!  I would like to help you confront your challenges and face whatever it is that’s holding you back.  Once you do this you will finally be able to:

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As a coach, I have helped many people who were struggling in life.  People just like you who thought things would never turn around. But they did! Some of my clients are now business owners, authors and coaches.  This can happen for you too!  (By the way…soon you will be able to read their stories on my new website…more to come!)

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Loving What Is

Loving What Is

Below is an excerpt from Byron Katie’s Book –Loving What Is
“I am a lover of what is, not because I’m a spiritual person, but because it hurts me when I argue with reality.  We can know that reality is good just as it is, because when we argue with it, we experience tension and frustration.  We don’t feel natural or balanced.  When we stop opposing reality, action becomes simple, fluid, kind, and fearless.”
My Dear Friends…
Doesn’t this free you up? Doesn’t it give you permission to say, ‘Ah, yes, it is all OK – I am not going to argue with what is, I can accept it and then take the steps that are necessary with ease?
Living an untruth is always stressful. So many times haven’t we denied or tried to control our reality instead of just accepting it.  And how has that worked out?  Usually it becomes at some point very painful.   
The process of  Life Recovery is just like that…loving it all…loving every broken piece of it and then some.
Maybe it’s your career, relationship, environment, finances or health that’s causing you to feel anxiety, frustration and confusion.  But if, just if, we take this approach of Loving What Is, doesn’t it feel gentler and more peaceful? Doesn’t clarity begin to focus in? Then inspiration … possibly?
If you are struggling and would like to learn how to overcome your challenges and  recover, I would love to share with you all the valuable tools that have helped me.
In Healing,
Patricia xo

How To Live Worry Free

Life is filled with uncertainty, wouldn’t you agree?

We do not know what the future may bring or how prepared we will be for what may happen. If we allow ourselves, we can worry excessively about things we do not have any control over.
There are countless things most of us feel anxious about right now – jobs, relationships, finances, health, etc., and of course the “what-ifs” of life. And, once again, most of us carry this burden with us on a daily basis, feeling overwhelmed and powerless.
Are you plagued with anxiety?

And I don’t mean the occasional stress that knocks on our door occasionally. What’ I’m talking about is the non-stop, hovering over you like a cloud type of stress. In other words, are you living a lifestyle of anxiety?
Studies have shown, and quite frankly, my experience has also shown, that this kind of worry robs us of living the life we deserve. It’s as if a thief comes into our inner space and steals our peace and joy. This endless cycle of worry, if left unchecked can affect our health.

Many people, unfortunately do not choose to do anything about this cycle until they are in a complete state of overwhelm – making it difficult for them to function. Some, seek out solutions that will only provide a temporary fix with no long term resolution, thinking that eventually the excessive worry will just “go-away.”
I believe it is necessary to address the root causes of our anxiety. Fear happens to be just one of the root causes. When we are fearful we typically “react” to stressful situations instead of responding. We immediately and directly go to the “dread” of what could happen in the future or perhaps doubt our ability to handle the situation. Whatever the cause of our fear, we can see that the problem is our focus.
What are you focusing on?
Do you immediately go to the “what if” of what can possibly go wrong or do seek out the underlying “cause” so you can find solutions and resolve?
If you would like to find alternative ways to lead a productive and peaceful life perhaps my class tomorrow evening would be a great first step….
Won’t you join me?






Are You Accountable For Your Clutter?

Are You Accountable For Your Clutter?

One morning I was in the office before usual business hours getting ready for my day ahead, when my telephone rang.  Detecting a sense of worry from the caller, I listened to her until her anxiety subsided.

I then asked her a question, which I believe became the turning point for her, which was;

“What part of the clutter are you willing to take ownership of ?”


Are You Accountable For Your Clutter?

It is not uncommon when someone is faced with insurmountable amounts of clutter to place blame on everyone or anything, as long as it isn’t them.  The reason being, I believe, is it can be very painful to accept (until we are ready) that we could be the source of own downfall.

From my experience, I have witnessed countless times, clients who try to maintain control over their clutter, failing to recognize that they are powerless over something that is virtually bigger than them.  Until their level of denial is penetrated, excuses will continue. It is when a person can accept the reality of what their clutter is about; a by-product or symptom of something else, the clutter will then cease.

There have been critical times, right before work will commence or a contract needs to be signed, that a person will reject or find fault with something in order to stay still in there mess.  The manifestation of their clutter is far more comforting then the prospect of clearing out the chaos.

This is the time that understanding and patience is required.  It is not always easy, if I do say so myself, especially when hours of time have been invested before hand, but never the less, it is in the client’s best interest not to pursue action, since it will only lead to unsuccessful attempts. 

One of the ways to break this cycle is to participate in support groups, sign up for workshops and engage in coaching programs that have an emphasis on clutter education.  This way, a foundation has been set and groundwork is complete before entering into a formal commitment of the de-cluttering process. 

As I have always maintained, baby steps are the way to changing behavioral patterns.  It is also important to recognize that celebrating your victories, no matter how small, is key for success.

In the end, the person who can maintain accountability for their actions will triumph over the clutter.

To learn more – check it out here: 

“If It’s Not Meeting A Need – Turn It Into A Seed”

It’s true

We hold onto things because we have ourselves believing that one day we will use it.  Or, the memory of the object is so powerful we give it full permission to take over our emotions.

Then something funny happens – the things that we have been clinging to, you know,  the items we convince ourselves are so wonderful,  are no longer making us feel good – and in some cases, can actually make us feel pretty darn rotten.

Now we have created two problems – physical clutter from our stuff we are holding onto – and emotional clutter because of the stories we keep telling ourselves, producing guilt and anxiety.

So what to do, what to do…

Create a lifestyle of giving

Most clutter experts say…(yes, me included) that “if you haven’t used an item within the past year, give it away!”

Joel Osteen states in his book Your Best Life Now, that “If it’s not meeting a need, turn it into a seed.  We will reap what we sow.”

Consider this

The extra things that are in your basement, attic or garage – why not have a garage sale and see what you can sell at reasonable prices.  Don’t think that this isn’t helping people because it is.  There are plenty of people who need your stuff that simply cannot afford to buy new; books, baby items, clothes, kitchen utensils, tools.

Then whatever is left – donate to a favorite charity of yours or give it away to someone you personally know who is in need.  By doing this, I do believe you will see the benefits that far outweigh holding your items.