De-clutter from the heart

De-clutter from the heart

Has anyone ever given you a piece of advice that made you think twice?

The other day my mentor offered up some words of wisdom that left my head reeling.  I mean eyebrow-raising material!

Initially, I was taken aback trying to figure out where she was coming from.   But after letting her words sink in, I was grateful.

You see, what she told me was something I was already aware of.  In fact, I’ve been working on being more cognizant of it.  She said I should try to be more heart-centered instead of always being in my head. This hit a personal nerve for me.  I didn’t know it was that obvious to others that my analytical style was showing up outside of my professional life. I’m used to over-thinking and breaking things down—it’s how I make many of my decisions. But what I’ve come to find out is that that’s not always the best approach with matters of the heart.

It reminded me of the similarities people face with their clutter.  They get so caught up with “thinking” about all the things that could possibly go wrong, or what they might end up regretting, and they lose sight of what their heart wants most.

From my experience, people want to be clutter-free, and not just because they would like to have a home that is neat, tidy, and organized.  That’s just semantics.

People want to be organized because they are after something much more meaningful.  They are looking to recapture the freedom that the clutter has robbed from their life.  They are tired of having the clutter be the boss and dictate how they spend their time.

Are you looking at your need to de-clutter on the surface, or can you see the deeper reason for wanting to clear out the unnecessary stuff that’s weighing down your time and freedom?

Everyone wants a tidy and organized home, and the stress reduction that comes with it. But before you leave it at that, try taking a heart-centered approach to your de-cluttering. You, like all of us, deserve to honor the desires of your heart, to feel true peace of mind, to regain your freedom.

A heart-first clutter-free life is worthwhile, and so are you. It’s my job to remind you of that and help you get there!

De-Stress Tip: Live Your Truth

My Dear Friend,

Would you like to find a simple way (no gimmicks, no pie in the sky remedy) to reduce the stress in your life?

I ask this question because I understand first hand what it feels like to have huge amounts of stress.  I used to live  with extreme amounts of stress.  But that was before I learned about this simple life principle.

If  we really dive deep into this principle, we will find that it is actually a Universal Law.  A law designed to help us live a more abundant life.

When I learned of this law many years ago, I understood it in theory, but not to the level I do today.  Because of this new level of understanding, I was able to take the appropriate action that was necessary to change the way stress affects my life.

That’s what I want to share with you.  I want to let you know how this principle changed my life.  The simple principle I am referring to is “Honor Your Yes.”  You see, when we honor our YES, we are able to follow through on what we truly desire in life.  In essence, we then live out our truth.

But most of us have trouble with this. 

In my upcoming 6 Week Coaching Program, Fall Into Life, I am dedicating an entire module to this principle.  Not only do I want you to understand the core principle, but I am going to teach you how to apply it in your every day life.  Then, you will get to see just how this simple principle will become a game changer for you!

If you missed my previous two classes where I introduced this event, please don’t worry.  You can call me and I will walk you through the preliminaries of it.  For now, just click on the link below and get yourself registered.

The Fall Into Life event is broken down into three modules, designed to give you all the support and networking you need to be successful.  The event has lots of bonus items and incentives, so if you want to bring along a friend, please share this email.

All you have to do is click the link below…read the invitation…then register.  Once you do that, your Welcome Packet will arrive with all the details.  Kick off begins next week for scheduling.


I Am Off To De-Stress…

What about you? 

What are you doing to decompress and rejuvenate yourself?  Sometimes, it may not be that we have too much work – it could simply be, we are just plain tired and we need to recharge ourselves. 

Me, personally, I am going to finally take my own advice and enjoy the benefits of being pampered with my honey. 

Here is a tip:  Plan your get-away for off peak times for extra peace and quiet – don’t be afraid to ask their booking schedules ahead of time, it’s rest you are seeking, not socialization. 

The jury is out, I suppose…I will give you my feedback in an article…in the meantime, do what you can to relax and find peace of mind.