On November 19th I will be hosting another Ask The Clutter Coach call.

This call is all abut serving you. I really want to help you with all your clutter challenges. It doesn’t matter if you want tips to clean out your closet, empty out your junk drawer, solutions for your paper and mail or how to declutter your entire home – this call is about moving forward.

This call is also about not repeating the same habits and behaviors so you can live clutter-free.

Why not let 2019 be dramatically different (and better) than 2018.

Join me on Monday, November 19th @ 7:00 pm EST. No need to reserve – just mark your calendar and this link – (you’ll need this link to join us.) Don’t worry though, if you’re not in front of a computer, the link will provide a phone number for you.

Oh, one last thing. If you really want this call to impact your upcoming year, bring one change that you would like to see for yourself but for some reason has not happened. It could be a better routine/schedule, healthier diet, positive outlook…

Remember, this is all about moving forward and recognizing our patterns is a good place to start.

I’ll see you on the call.

PS: Mark your calendar now!

The Transformative Power Of A Clean Space

Part of thriving under the conditions of chaos and clutter is the ability to shift your perception about what a “clean” environment looks like. I will be teaching this at my on-line event.

For example, take a look at what the Clean Matters campaign led by Clorox has to say:

“We want to go beyond the functional benefits of clean and celebrate the transformative power of clean. As the category leader, we see an opportunity to shift the perception of cleaning from a chore to the start of new possibilities. Whether it’s a clean space to work in, a germ-free table to feed your family, fresh sheets to sleep on or pure water to drink, clean creates the environments we thrive as healthier and more vibrant versions of ourselves.”

Seeing beyond the clutter allows you to see the possibilities that are ahead of you. The challenge for most people is that they get “stuck” and “paralyzed” in their chaos. It becomes so overwhelming they can’t see past their mess. Everything feels like a heavy burden, a mighty task that is insurmountable.

Too many times I witness a family not sleeping in their own bed or showering in their home. Preparing meals in their kitchen is something of the past so they resort to fast-food on a daily basis. All because of the chaos the clutter has caused. It’s heart-breaking.

Does this strike a chord with you? Is this by chance something you are experiencing? Do you know of someone who is living in these conditions? If so, I urge you to register for my on-line event. I want you to experience the transformative power of a clean environment.

Seriously, I am urging you to register…

Register Now!

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