De-clutter from the heart

De-clutter from the heart

Has anyone ever given you a piece of advice that made you think twice?

The other day my mentor offered up some words of wisdom that left my head reeling.  I mean eyebrow-raising material!

Initially, I was taken aback trying to figure out where she was coming from.   But after letting her words sink in, I was grateful.

You see, what she told me was something I was already aware of.  In fact, I’ve been working on being more cognizant of it.  She said I should try to be more heart-centered instead of always being in my head. This hit a personal nerve for me.  I didn’t know it was that obvious to others that my analytical style was showing up outside of my professional life. I’m used to over-thinking and breaking things down—it’s how I make many of my decisions. But what I’ve come to find out is that that’s not always the best approach with matters of the heart.

It reminded me of the similarities people face with their clutter.  They get so caught up with “thinking” about all the things that could possibly go wrong, or what they might end up regretting, and they lose sight of what their heart wants most.

From my experience, people want to be clutter-free, and not just because they would like to have a home that is neat, tidy, and organized.  That’s just semantics.

People want to be organized because they are after something much more meaningful.  They are looking to recapture the freedom that the clutter has robbed from their life.  They are tired of having the clutter be the boss and dictate how they spend their time.

Are you looking at your need to de-clutter on the surface, or can you see the deeper reason for wanting to clear out the unnecessary stuff that’s weighing down your time and freedom?

Everyone wants a tidy and organized home, and the stress reduction that comes with it. But before you leave it at that, try taking a heart-centered approach to your de-cluttering. You, like all of us, deserve to honor the desires of your heart, to feel true peace of mind, to regain your freedom.

A heart-first clutter-free life is worthwhile, and so are you. It’s my job to remind you of that and help you get there!

Notes to Self

Notes to Self

  • It’s okay not to be perfect! 👌
  • When you’re kind to yourself it’s easier to be kind to others.
  • Worrying reduces your energy and causes negativity – let it go.
  • Don’t judge others. (No further explanation needed)
  • It only takes one person to make a difference – let it be you.
  • Love with an open heart, ❤️ a full heart, because love always wins.
  • The root to happiness is being truthful – even when it hurts.
  • There’s no one else in the world like you, that’s why you’re special.
  • Your smile can melt the coldest heart. So SMILE. 😊
  • Give freely, unselfishly, without expectations.
  • Things can change in a moment.  Always remember that.




My Holiday Prayer For You


My Holiday Prayer For You

I searched high and low
To find the right prayer for you today
To show you just how much I care
and appreciate all that you do
No matter what I found
It just wouldn’t do
As my heart kept telling me
Something else to do
So I took my pen in hand
and went straight to you
Oh Father I am so grateful
You always show me the way
To speak my words
From this place of today
So Dear Friends
What I am trying to say
Is that I am truly thankful
For people just like you
Who have touched my life
So deeply and shaped me anew
In this season of rebirth
Of all that is pure
Please accept my words as my gift
So you will know them forever more

With Much Love,

Patricia xo

Christmas Prayer Me

A Beautiful Prayer …When It All Gets Too Much…

For All My Busy People…

Dear God,

When the day is too busy and the voices too loud, when there is too much on my mind and too little in my heart, when I plan too much for tomorrow and explain too much about yesterday, when I have hidden my true feelings inside and then complained of being lonely and misunderstood, be my good shepherd and my friend.

Gather up my jangled nerves, my tensed muscles, my anxious and fluttering heart.  Send life pulsing through me like an irresistible flood.

But show me how to be quiet, too.  Teach me to be still.  In deep stillness let me rest.  Let silence surround me like a friend, calming me and instructing me with deeper wisdom from within.

When my day is too busy and the voices are all too loud, be my good shepherd and my friend.


Yet Another Experience In Life…

Someone once said to me…

“Please don’t give up.”

So I didn’t.  Really, I didn’t.  I eventually gave up on him…or should I say “us,” but I certainly did not give up on “ME.”

So maybe that’s the life lesson…

When someone let’s you down that you believe in so deeply, you have no other choice but to reach inside and find out what you are really made of.

Because if you don’t have yourself, who is left?

It doesn’t mean you have to be bitter.  It doesn’t have to become a tug of war.  It can allow for growth and forward movement.

But it’s funny – just when you think there could be no other…no one could possibly touch your soul that deep…someone appears that turns your head, opens your eyes and releases your heart…and just like that…you are free.

There Is No Set Path, Just follow Your Heart.

Do you know how to listen to your heart? When your head is saying something completely different from your heart, what do you do? 

I received a gift from a client of mine – it is a brass plate with the words etched into it –

“There is no set path, just follow your heart.”  

I have it hanging in my powder room and I sometimes find myself just staring at it and getting lost in the thought of what it really means…

I am curious on what your thoughts are.  Do you think it’s that simple?  What happens when you follow your heart and someone breaks it?  How do you deal with the heartbreak? 

I am listening…

Music That Can Reveal Your Story…

Do you think music tells a story of your life?  I think we all relate to music in some form or fashion, and particular songs can reveal many things about a person…and if you listen, really listen, you can hear what someone is trying to say, or better yet, what you may be trying to tell yourself.   

I have found through music, my clients have been able to move forward and work through their challenges that may have been holding them back from obtaining an organized life.  It can be very cathartic to say the least.

To give you some insight into what my story is, I have listed below a sample of my favorites that I would like to share with you.  Would you like to share some of your songs?  I am listening and look forward to your story.


  • Jack Johnson “Better Together”
  • U2 – “Moment of Surrender”
  • Pete Yorn – “Don’t Wanna Cry”
  • Dave Mathews Band – “You and Me”
  • Chris Issak – “King Without a Castle”
  • Charlie Mars – “Meet Me By the Backdoor”
  • Sia – “Breathe Me”
  • Ryan Adams – “Wonderwall”
  • Pearl Jam – “Better Man”
  • Fleet Foxes – “Mykonos”
  • Butch Walker – “The Weight of Her”
  • Counting Crows – “When I Dream Of Michelangelo”
  • Patty Griffin – “One Big Love”
  • 10,000 Maniacs – “Candy Everybody Wants”
  • Gnarls Barkley – “Crazy”
  • The Marshall Tucker Band – “Can’t You See”
  • Duffy – “Stepping Stone”
  • Sugarland – “Keep You”
  • Hayley Westenra – “Never Say Goodbye”
  • Andrea Bocelli – “The Prayer”
  • Paula Cole – “Where Have All the Cowboys Gone”
  • One Eskimo – “Kandi”
  • Diane Birch – “Nothing But A Miracle”