Imagine If We Could Just Love And Care More

Sometimes when we’re feeling stuck or frustrated, the best thing we can do for ourselves is to focus on self-love and self-care.

This is not always easy for many people, especially if they have been living with physical clutter.  Clutter that hangs around too long tends to condition the way we think and feel about ourselves.

Limiting beliefs of “I’m not good enough or worthy of” can surface, which can sabotage our focus and deprive us of the very thing we need the most – love and care.

That’s where the power of mindfulness can help release these blocks and move you forward in a more positive way. This is just some of the criteria I cover in my Mindful Tools for Organized Living program.

Mindfulness Program All In One

I show you how to dig into where these limiting beliefs came from and how to rewrite them, and how to show up in life with your new story that embraces your authentic self.

We all need love and care, but more importantly, we need to give it to ourselves. Mindful Tools for Organized Living will show you how to do that and in the process unclutter your life – plain and simple.

I hope you’ll give it a try.




We hear it all the time – “Just Let Go Man!  Let It Go”!
But for the person who is holding on for dear life, well that’s another story – because it seems impossible to do.
When we hold on for too long, sub-consciously we are saying, ‘I have a deep belief about something and I’m not letting go until, well, until it becomes the truth or something changes my mind.’
The problem is in the midst of this “bargaining” phase, we become stuck and do not allow life to carry us to new places.  Instead we push life into our own making and can miss many opportunities.
So, what is the secret to letting go?
The secret to letting go is believing that you will be okay once you do.  I understand this is easier said than done. But it’s the truth.
If you knew for certain that all would be okay if you let go, would it make a huge difference in your life?  I’m sure it would. I say this with confidence because I am living it.
In my upcoming tel-class I will be sharing with you how I got through the most difficult of times and how you can too.  I will also be inviting you to a workshop that I am hosting in January of 2018.  My goal is to prepare you now so you can schedule your plans accordingly to attend this ground-breaking event.
Please join me in this upcoming tel-class to learn more!
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Imagine going on a long journey into the wilderness without a compass.  Unless you are very skilled and trained, the likeliness is that you will get lost.

Many of us walk around in life the same way…without direction or purpose, ultimately feeling very lost. Somehow, along the way, we forgot about our special talents, skills and yes, gifts!

Here are some reasons why people don’t live up to their full potential… (Or what they tell themselves):


*They don’t know how (Lack a plan)
*Feel inadequate (I can’t do this)
*Guilt feelings (Living in the past)
*Give Up (Fear of failure)
*Unwilling to make a commitment (Lack of responsibility)
*Don’t have time (Poor management of time)
*Compare themselves to others (Worried what people think)

Perhaps you are asking yourself some serious questions about your life right now.  May I suggest that you view these questions as opportunities to explore and discover new things about yourself.  Please don’t allow your past, doubt or fear to limit your quest.


Did you know that we all have special gifts?  Inside all of us, is a unique gift given to us.  Our job is to activate and employ our gifts.  Our gifts our also designed to be shared with others – to be expressed for the world to see just how different and unique we are.


The world needs your special gift now more than ever.  Why not begin today to commit to changing the way you live your life?  Freedom, peace, joy and self-love may just be right around the corner.


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