3 Simple Steps To Get Unstuck

3 Simple Steps To Get Unstuck

You may not realize it, but everything begins with a decision. Think about it. You might be saying right now, Yes, I know, but the problem is I can’t make a decision. And my answer to that is, Actually you are making a decision.  You are making a decision to not take action.  That’s why you are stuck and not moving forward.

Now mind you, a little procrastination can be healthy. Especially when you are giving yourself permission to figure things out. But if you find yourself in an endless loop of stalling, chances are pretty high that you are stuck in a rut.

For example, let’s say that you really want to unclutter your life but you’re feeling stuck. Begin by asking, Why do I want to simplify my life? And your answer will probably be something like, Because I don’t want to feel so weighed down by this stuff anymore. It’s overwhelming.

Now think about how simplifying your life is going to make you feel once you are more organized and clutter free. I’m going to assume you will start to feel much better. Somewhat lighter and perhaps it will be easier to breathe…ah yes, less is best!

By asking yourself the “Why” you enabled yourself to get emotionally involved with the idea of living clutter free.  You began to desire your true outcome. – i.e., to find relief.

You must understand the reason behind the “why” to make your decision.

Now all you have to do is hold steadfast to that feeling and take action. Believe in yourself – accept that it is indeed possible to live clutter free. To make absolute sure that you live out your decision, it’s best to get yourself an accountability partner or a life coach who can help you stay true to yourself.

As an overview this is what you need to do next time your feeling stuck:

  1.   Think about what you really want.  Ask yourself why?
  2.   Get emotionally involved with what you want.  Desire it.
  3.   Accept the idea that it’s possible – then go for it – make the decision.

Remember: We can control our thoughts and attitude about our decisions.

If you struggle with this, it’s an indication you should seek out support. Why not begin with your first decision to have a chat with me. You can start that conversation by clicking HERE