Only Two Spots Left For Boot Camp – Register Now!

Boot Camp, by far, has proven to be the most requested and successful event that I present.  It’s a program like no other.  So back by popular demand, I will be taking Roll Call the week of January 5, 2015. And I am adding something new to this Boot Camp.  You will now have a Personal Accountability Tracking Sheet so you can measure your progress in our 7 weeks together!So go ahead, check it out.  A little suggestion though…the event fills quickly, so don’t hesitate if you want to kick your January off right!
What is Boot Camp?A training program that can possibly change your life!Why Boot Camp?You see, it has been my experience that people who struggle with task management, procrastination, and clutter have “something” in common.  That something is the lack of follow-through.What I also found is that people sometimes equate the experience of following through with the word “discipline” which can conjure up negative feelings, possibly an experience of punishment or something of that nature.


Now this belief system can potentially limit them in this area until one comes from a place of understanding and acceptance, but I also found that sometimes, yes, sometimes, the best way to overcome the lack of follow-through is to just jump in with a “Boot Camp” attitude.


With your new “Boot Camp” attitude, you will no longer be saying things such as this:

  • “I can’t take it anymore”
  • “I can’t stand myself for being late”
  • “I’m so overwhelmed & frustrated”
  • “I’m so embarrassed I can’t have anyone over”
  • “I feel like a failure”
  • “I have too many things going on”
  • “I’m such a mess”

What can you expect from Boot Camp?

  • To be challenged.
  • To break self-defeating patterns.
  • To experience giving and receiving support.
  • To be part of a team.
  • To feel like a winner.

Now don’t worry, there will be no one dressed in army fatigues screaming at you, but there may be whistles, alarm clocks and a few obstacle courses… (lol)


Here’s how it works:   


Step One

You will show up to a Group Conference Call with everyone who has enrolled in Boot Camp.  There will be a meet and greet and sharing of each person’s challenge and struggle. This will now be your Peer Support Group to access through your training.  Count on making new friends. Date:  January 5, 2015


Step Two

You will send me pictures/video of your entire home and/or office environment.  I understand I will be entering your world and I take that invitation very seriously.  You can count on confidentiality, respect and no judgement.


Step Three

We will set up a private one hour conference call, otherwise known as an “Intake Session” to review your pictures.  This session allows me the opportunity to assess your living conditions and consult with you in a very private and personal way. This will be invaluable information for me to understand you better, i.e., patterns, behaviors, circumstances. This must be completed the week of January 5, 2015.


Step Four

You will be given a suggested plan of action which will take into consideration your ability to invest physically, emotionally and financially.  And I’ve added something new!  You will now have your very own Personal Accountability Tracking Form to measure your progress for the 7 weeks in Boot Camp!  Awesome!!!


Step Five

We will engage in a one-on-one weekly coaching program for 30 minutes for a period of 7 weeks.  That’s a total of seven (7) sessions.  They will be set each week on the same day and same time.  In these sessions we will:

  • Set your agenda for the devised plan
  • Create next steps
  • Have deliberate target dates
  • Have measurable outcomes

Step Six


We will develop a “Best Practice” for you to then utilize moving forward in your organizing pursuits and maintenance routine.


Step Seven

You will attend two more Group Coaching Calls.  Halfway through and then at the closure.


Please Note:  Our time together is considered just like “Real Time.”  You have the option to engage via internet, telephone or Skype. This is a modality that I have used for many years to service clients nation wide and is just as effective as if I were there “live.”


What Does Boot Camp Cost?


For the “purpose” of Boot Camp I am making an outrageously low offer that you simply will not be able to resist…that is, if you are truly serious about seizing an amazing opportunity to change the course of your life.


Remember, you will receive a private, one-on-one consultation & assessment with me and seven private coaching sessions.  A value worth thousands of dollars.  But for this Boot Camp Special the price is an amazingly low price of only $399.99


Since I am only able to take a handful of clients at this deeply discounted offer, you will have to act swiftly if you want to guarantee your spot in Boot Camp.


So show me your new Boot Camp attitude and…




Once you register you will be sent your Welcome Package with all the detailed information and specific dates about Boot Camp Organizing!


So what will it be?

Will you be showing up with your sleeves rolled back, ready to jump in, combat your clutter and disorganization, and win the battle…


Or will you continue to find excuses of why you can’t enlist and spend the next year complaining and unhappy?


So what will it be….the choice is yours!


In Training,

Patricia Diesel

(908) 642-1226