Morning Mindfulness of Clients With Clutter

Morning Mindfulness of Clients With Clutter

I know this may seem random – making a video first thing in the morning -but I did. I did this because as soon as I woke up and went downstairs to grab some breakfast, it hit me. Wow – I love having a home that is organized – neat and tidy, because it allows me to continue the peaceful feeling I have from the moment I wake up. So in other words, I am able to carry that feeling throughout the day because my environment supports that.

I am very mindful of this and the fact that you are desiring the very same thing and yet you are struggling. This is what hit me this morning because it hurts me that you are not getting what you want. And for me, it’s so easy to have and yet you don’t. Well, the time is here that is all going to change.

6 Mindful Tools To Being Clutter Free is a program I created where I put all of my 20+ years experience together. It shows you within each tool, in a very precise way, how to get serious and real with your clutter so you are equipped mentally, physically and emotionally to combat it. From there, the program supports you with the tools to be precision like with your skills to learn the art of decluttering and organizing.  As you get skillful and find your way to a clutter free environment – you then learn with the next set of mindful tools what to expect and how to deal with backsliding to keep your living space organized for good.

Without a shadow of the doubt – if you follow this program – I assure you – you will be successful. It is not a program for someone who is going to dabble or play hide-n-seek with. It is for the serious student who wants to transform their life. If you are willing to show up – take responsibility for your life – and commit to the process without skipping the steps – you will be clutter-free.

Here’s my morning video with an invitation to learn more about how I want to help you. But you must want to help yourself too. Check it out and if you’re ready join me on a call for Monday – August 20, 2018 – at 7:00 pm – et,  here are the details:

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