Stress; where does it come from and how to manage it?

Where does stress come from and how can it be managed?

Let’s look at this example:

Someone rejects, hurts, or wrongs you in some way.  How do you respond?  Perhaps like many people, you immediately want to retaliate in some manner.  After all, what happened to you is not right.

On the other hand, you may think it’s nobler to stuff the hurt deep inside your soul.  But despite your resolve, it keeps popping out, and as you relive it, the pain engulfs you once again.

Now from a spiritual point of view, you might believe what’s necessary is the grace of forgiveness.  And although this may be the case, if  it doesn’t come from a sincere heart, there will be a struggle.

If we lash out, stuff down our feelings, or forgive with an insincere heart, how does that resolve the issue?

It doesn’t.

Eventually the stress will outwardly manifest in some form or fashion.

Clutter is a lot like that.  It manifests in all sorts of ways that reflect unresolved feelings.

It’s the reason why I created my new program, Mindful Tools for Organized Living.  I literally coach you through the clutter and walk you through a step-by-step process so you can fully understand the story behind your manifestation.

It’s the only way to find resolve so you can move forward.

Sure you can clean your place up and pretend nothing is really bothering you, but….I can guarantee, until you get to the root cause of the clutter, it will come back…again and again.

Here’s the link to the program:  For a very small investment (and while’s it’s massively reduced in price) you can be well on your way to managing your stress.

You can always upgrade later to one of my personal one-on-one coaching programs, but the value that is packed in this, especially with all the bonus items are incredible.

Oh and by the way, you get a FREE Discovery Call with me once you register, so you’ll know exactly how to start and where to begin.  I thought about everything to ensure your success – so you don’t have to worry, I got ya covered!

If you want to get a jump-start on next year so you can be living a stress-free, healthy life, I am encouraging you to follow this link:

It might just change your life!

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