How To Get Out Of A Clutter Rut Fast

The one thing I hear most often from people who have clutter is that they feel like they’re in a rut.

They know they are in a clutter cycle but they don’t know how to get out of it.

They describe a certain heaviness around them, as if they’re buried beneath their stuff.

That’s why the expression, “dig yourself out of a rut” gives such an accurate description of what  people are up against with their clutter.

I explain that a rut is actually a an established habit. A pattern of behavior that becomes unproductive.

I go on to further explain that without the right support it can be very difficult to get out of a clutter rut.

The first step in breaking the clutter cycle is acknowledging that you need help and allowing yourself to receive it.

In the past I’ve shared my Secrets to Cure Clutter with great success for people who are experiencing overwhelm.  I’ve been told that it’s like opening a potion of secret powers because they finally feel relief.  It’s that potent.

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