Books To Get You Organized

Blissful organization 3d cover

Ideas To Consider For Conquering Clutter And Achieving Peace Of Mind

Here is what you need to know… Achieving a state of organization is not about perfection.  It is however, about creating a lifestyle that enhances your quality of life.  Most of us feel we are striving for something that we can never achieve because we have this perception that things have to be just so or just right.  Living an organized life is finding a lifestyle that makes you feel good and complements the essence of who you are.

Blissful Organization will provide you with tips on how to find your organizational style, balance out your life and assess your clutter.  Patricia’s advice and practical steps help you work through the physical and emotional clutter and teaches you how to let go of your stuff in a way that honors your memories in a respectful fashion.


“A quick and easy read that offers hands-on practical organizing advice.”
Dr. David Tolin – Author of Buried in Treasures

“An easy read that offers a collection of practical organizing tips.”
Judith Kolberg – Author, Founder of National Study Group of Chronic Disorganization

Life Recovering From Clutter 3D cover

How To Face Your Fears And Transform Your Life

Have you or someone you care about… Decided that changes need to occur in order to lead a better life.  Coming to that realization is a big step for everyone, but the next phase is equally important.  “What are the changes you need to make and how do you go about doing it?”  The difficulties of life build emotional blocks up in all of us.  Sometimes they are temporary obstacles, and at other times, they become full-fledged walls.

Life Recovery For The Cluttered Soul will guide you over, around, and through those blocks to a better place in life.  With compassion and insight, Patricia shares soulful stories gleamed from her own experience and shows you how she helps people overcome their emotional and physical clutter.  A Personal Assessment Guide is included.


“Professionals like Patricia Diesel are invaluable in helping people with their clutter and hoarding challenges.  She helps provide practical tools and life skill sets through her insight and experience.”

Dr. David F. Tolin – Ph.D., ABPB Director, Anxiety Disorders Center, Adjunct Professor of Psychiatry, Yale University School of Medicine

Simple Guide To an Organized Life 3d cover

Everything You Will Ever Need To Know To Overcome Clutter And Have An Organized Life

Here’s the best kept secret you will ever need to know… “Being Organized Is Contagious.” Getting organized is a learned activity.  We can get organized and stay that way with the proper guidance and support.  The key component here is to try and understand that we are all individuals with different needs, so our approach to getting organized may be different as well.  It’s about finding what works for you.  Once you do, you can begin to apply organization into other areas of your life.

A Simple Guide to an Organized Life will provide you with quick and easy steps to help you get motivated and into action.  You will learn:  How to Conquer Clutter, How to Make the Most of Your Vacations, How to Manage Your Time, How to Organize Your Home, The Art of Stress Free Holidays and The Language of Organizing.


“No matter what your challenge, you are sure to find some useful solutions.  A wonderful book containing a collection of valuable organizing tips.”
Dr. Steve Adubato, Author, Media Expert

“This is a wonderful guide that will help simplify any parent’s life.”
Dr. Maryanne, Author, Simply Parenting