Authenticate Your Fall – Uncover Your True Self & Get Organized

I bet if you had a penny for every time you said,

“Hey, don’t worry, I got this!” those pennies would begin to add up pretty quickly.

So often we tell ourselves (and others) that we have everything under control.  We can manage it.  It’s all fine.

But that’s not really the truth.

We want it to be the truth, but it’s just not.  We do not feel like everything is okay.  Actually, inside we feel like everything is just about to tip over and fall apart.  Yet, we continue to say, “I got this.”

Listen up…are you listening?  This is very important.  It’s okay, yes, I will say it again.  It’s more than okay to admit that things just aren’t the way you would like them to be.

Why is this a good thing to admit?  Because it’s the first step to change.   .

From my experience, once we begin to honor our feelings we can begin to get clear on what needs to change.

The season of fall is the perfect time to authenticate our feelings and begin the process of change.  Especially if you are feeling overwhelmed and stressed out.

We want to be on the look out especially right now if you are manifesting clutter or any other habit/behavior that you would like to curb, i.e., excessive shopping, impulse buying, not cleaning up or following through, etc.

Why wait?  This can be the time you hoped for.  I am going to provide you with some viable options to clear things out, get back on track and help you uncover your true self.

Won’t you please join me?

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Patricia Diesel is a Certified Professional Coach who is dedicated to helping others regain hope and enhance the quality of their life.

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