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I Love What I Do – That’s Why I’m Teaching This Class!

By now I’m sure you’ve heard about my very special workshop, 7 Habits Of Organized People.
It’s coming up soon and in case you’re sitting on the fence on whether to register or not, this might help change your mind.

This workshop is so special for me because I love teaching people about the benefits of being organized. There are many reasons for this, but foremost, it’s because I know when people are organized they FEEL BETTER! 

Throughout my 20+ years of being a Clutter Coach, I can truthfully tell you that I have witnessed many situations that hurt my heart deeply.  It pains me when I see people hurting.

I made a promise to myself that I would always do my very best to help people live clutter-free. I’ve seen the devastating toll it takes on people’s well-being.  The stress alone from physical and mental clutter can be tragic.

In my upcoming class 7 Habits Of Organized People I will be sharing some fascinating new material that you can implement into your own life right away.  Not only will you be better organized, but you’ll gain peace of mind and a sense of relief.

I hope you’ll join me for this very special workshop. I’m going to do my best to make it brilliant!

You can register for the 7 Habits Of Organized People by CLICKING HERE!

The Inside Scoop On How To Be Organized


I have some inside scoop for you!

Would you like to know why some people have little or no clutter at all and are more organized?

There’s something they do that sets them apart from people who struggle with clutter and disorganization.

I can sum it up like this:


They are deliberate about what they own, buy and choose to keep.

They know what brings them joy and happiness based on utility and purpose.

So what about you?  Can you say the same or are you struggling?

If you have it under control, good for you!  But if you’re struggling, ask yourself:

Why am I buying this and why do I own it?Do I still need to keep this or would some one else use it?

In my upcoming class, 7 Habits of Organized People, I’ll help you get crystal clear on how to reduce your clutter and get super organized.

You can get all the class details of the 7 Habits Of Organized People by clicking HERE!

See ya in class soon!

7 Habits Of Organized People; A New Course

Do you ever wonder what’s different about a person who is organized from someone who is not?

If you’re like most people, you probably think it’s because they were “born” that way – it’s their gift.

But what if I told you that’s not the case at all.

There are solid reasons why some people are more organized than others.

The good news is that you can become better organized too! 

All you need to do is learn what stands them apart (what they’re doing differently from you) and follow what they’re doing.

And I’m going to make that very simple for you to do with my new course: 7 Habits Of Organized People.

I’m going to show you the top 7 Habits that highly productive people do that  make them efficient and super organized. 

If you’ve been struggling, beating your head against the wall, trying to figure out why you can’t “BE” organized like other people, this is the class for you – so don’t miss it!

You can get all the class details of the 7 Habits Of Organized People by clicking HERE!

It takes courage to crawl

It takes courage to crawl when you feel like you can’t move and everything is a struggle.

But remember, that one little movement, that tiny little crawl, can springboard change.

If you’re buried beneath the clutter, exhausted by the mental chaos, don’t underestimate the power you have inside of you! You’re stronger than you think.

Start with something just enough to get the wheels in motion – it doesn’t matter how small it is.

For now crawling is courage – remember that.  It’s okay.  Things will change with movement.

If you need support, you can check out my step-by-step program that can help ease the transition into clutter-free living.

Or if you’d like to schedule a complimentary call with me, you can simply CLICK HERE!


There Is A Way To Rest Easy

Have you ever had a nagging feeling about something that won’t go away – and when you try to dismiss it, it just seems to get worse?

Clutter is like that. The more you try and pretend it doesn’t exist, the more it grows and grows.

It may appear at first a lot to handle to confront “things” but I can honestly tell you, the only way to resolve those nagging feelings is to do just that.

I show my clients exactly how to do it in a non-threatening way that helps them overcome their fear and overwhelm.

I’m going to be talking about how to do that and so much more in a FREE conference call on Monday. You can register for the call if you’re interested.

All you have to do is click on the below link.


I hope you’ll join me.

Let Go And Let God – How This Pertains To Clutter

I’m sure you have heard the expression, Let Go And Let God. Yes?

Recently, I attended a seminar that gave me a different perspective on what Let Go And Let God means.

Most of us think about letting things go and turning things over to God when we are up against insurmountable odds. I would like to share some fascinating information that just may be a game changer for you when it appears the odds are stacked against you.

I would also like to take a closer look at what it really means to Let Go and Let God as it pertains to clutter. I know, it may sound a little “out there” but trust me…it was a huge aha moment for me and I can’t wait to let you in on it.

If this interests you, I would really love to talk to you.  Don’t miss the opportunity to connect with me personally.  I am opening up my calendar for three days, beginning July 10th – 12th. You can go ahead and register by clicking here!

Talk to you real soon!

Clutter Talk: How To Get The Conversation Going

I’ve got a strange question for you…

How comfortable do you feel talking about your clutter?

When I first started working as a Professional Organizer I quickly realized that people didn’t feel very comfortable talking about it at all. I found myself having to ask a lot of questions to try and get them to open up.

When I started to see the result powerful questions had on people as they became more comfortable talking about their clutter, everything changed. Before long, I knew that this was what would help unlock a lot of the mystery behind clutter.

Instead of people wanting a quick fix they now were interested in going deeper and looking at the root cause of their clutter.

Can you see yourself being comfortable enough to talk about your clutter?

Think about that for a few moments because your answer to that question will help you begin to understand the relationship you are having with your clutter.

If you can see yourself taking a deeper look into the root cause of your clutter, that’s fantastic! You’re on your way to a clutter-free life.

However, if you feel uncomfortable with that idea, you can start changing it today.

Just getting rid of the clutter won’t keep it away for good!

Whether you like it or not, clutter has a huge impact on the quality of your life and influences a lot of your decisions in life.

I want to help you develop a healthy relationship with your clutter. Not only to declutter your life and be free of it, but to gain a richer understanding of why you have the clutter to begin with so you can finally be free of it for good.

Once you become comfortable talking about your clutter your whole world will change for the better. You will start to notice how other relationships in your life will improve.

It’s easier than you think!

I have an exercise that you can do to help you start feeling more comfortable with talking about your clutter…

Beginning today, select a clutter buddy, someone that you feel comfortable sharing with. It could be a dear friend, family member or a person that has clutter challenges as well. Make sure they are positive, uplifting people.

Ask them if they wouldn’t mind spending about ten minutes with you, either by phone or in person, to talk about something. Set up the appointment.

Next make a list of all the clutter you no long wish to have in your home. Next to each item, reference any notes that come to mind about the memory of the item. Then briefly write an explanation as to why you are ready to let go. After that, recap your feelings with how you are going to feel once you are clutter free.

Show up to your appointment with your clutter buddy and share everything you wrote down with them. Then ask them to mirror back to you what you just shared with them.

Notice how you feel. Lighter, happy, relieved, cleansed… Breathe into that feeling and exhale. Imagine what your life would look like, feel like, without the clutter.

Close the conversation with thanking them and asking if they wouldn’t mind being your clutter buddy until the items on your list are eventually gone.

To living freely,

Patricia Diesel

PS:  Let me know how you make out – drop me a note below.  I would love to hear from you!




Change Your Ways

It’s not always easy to just “change” our ways. Especially when we have been in the habit of doing the same thing over and over. The problem is that by not changing our “ways” we end up with the same results. This can leave us feeling disappointed when we are trying to achieve a life changing goal. 


Something that I found instrumental when I set out to “change” something is to figure out what is required of myself to make that change happen successfully.  By asking, ‘What am I currently doing that could be interfering with the progress of change?’  (What habit, routine, or pattern is blocking me from the change I so desire?) has been very helpful in identifying the inner work that I need to do.  When I am able to see that clearly, it helps me get realistic about the change I am seeking and how to go about it.


The key here is to think about how to break things down into a formula so the change doesn’t feel so overwhelming.  By looking inward first, we can then begin to take the outward steps that will lead us to the course of successful change.


Authenticate Your Fall – Uncover Your True Self & Get Organized

I bet if you had a penny for every time you said,

“Hey, don’t worry, I got this!” those pennies would begin to add up pretty quickly.

So often we tell ourselves (and others) that we have everything under control.  We can manage it.  It’s all fine.

But that’s not really the truth.

We want it to be the truth, but it’s just not.  We do not feel like everything is okay.  Actually, inside we feel like everything is just about to tip over and fall apart.  Yet, we continue to say, “I got this.”

Listen up…are you listening?  This is very important.  It’s okay, yes, I will say it again.  It’s more than okay to admit that things just aren’t the way you would like them to be.

Why is this a good thing to admit?  Because it’s the first step to change.   .

From my experience, once we begin to honor our feelings we can begin to get clear on what needs to change.

The season of fall is the perfect time to authenticate our feelings and begin the process of change.  Especially if you are feeling overwhelmed and stressed out.

We want to be on the look out especially right now if you are manifesting clutter or any other habit/behavior that you would like to curb, i.e., excessive shopping, impulse buying, not cleaning up or following through, etc.

Why wait?  This can be the time you hoped for.  I am going to provide you with some viable options to clear things out, get back on track and help you uncover your true self.

Won’t you please join me?

Register Now!
Authentically yours,

Patricia Diesel, CPC
(908) 642-1226

Patricia Diesel is a Certified Professional Coach who is dedicated to helping others regain hope and enhance the quality of their life.

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