Does Your Home Feel Inviting To Guests?

Does your home feel inviting to guests? A fresh, free environment says to me, ‘Welcome to our home…come on in and sit a spell.’


Having a home where we can easily find our things, that is aesthetically pleasing and we feel proud to live in, does wonders for our well-being.

It’s not about having a perfect home (there’s no such thing). It is however about bringing out the best in ourselves so we live freely and comfortably in our dwelling. Doing our best to create a neat and tidy environment is clean, healthy living at its best. Add green plants, organic natural products and air purifiers and- well, maybe ‘perfect’ isn’t that far out of reach.

It has been proven that a messy, disorganized home creates mental stress. This puts additional stress on our body. When our home is functional, it makes it much easier to keep our mind in a positive place. Staying in a healthy mindset helps us carve out the time to nourish our body and get proper rest.

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