Jump On A Call With Me Tonight!

What are you doing this evening?

Yesterday, I sent you information regarding an On-Line Support Group that will be launching this January. If you have been looking for an On-Line Support Group that will inspire, encourage and support your personal and professional development, then jump on this call with me tonight!

I will be providing all the details about the On-Line Support Group and how you can become a Member. It’s for like minded individuals, just like you! It’s a platform like no other and I’m super excited to share all the details with you tonight!

It doesn’t matter if you are struggling with something, looking to advance in an area or just like being part of a community that empowers – this support group is for anyone who is interested in personally growing.

Here’s the information to jump on the quick call:

November 15, 2016Tuesday
Time:  7:00 PM ET
Phone Number:  1-712-832-8300
Access Code:  270916