The Cost Of Procrastination

The Cost Of Procrastination

When I ask women why they think they have clutter, they usually say it’s because they have trouble with following through.

I explain to them that if procrastination is their chief complaint, it usually is a symptom of something else.

Then I flip the situation around and ask them this question:

How often do you tell someone else that you’ll do something and then not follow through?

And their answer in most cases is always the same…”Not very often.”

You see, sometimes the problem is that we place more value on making commitment to others than we do for ourselves.

Unfortunately this comes at a huge cost.

Then it’s time to ask…

At what price am I willing to pay for the consequences of doing this?

Because the cost can be high.

It’s been determined that clutter creates an unhealthy environment, which leads to an unhealthy life.

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