Clutter Begins And Ends With A Mindset

It’s astonishing how many people face an onslaught of clutter in their life.

It wouldn’t surprise me if your initial reaction to reading that gave you a little jolt of anxiety. I mean seriously, the thought of battling a mess everyday is exhausting, let alone actually having to experience it.

But the hard fact is: “54% of Americans are overwhelmed with clutter.”

Now, here’s something that people neglect to realize, and that is: “Clutter begins and ends with a mindset.” Yes, that’s right, I think that’s worth repeating…

“Clutter begins and ends with a mindset.”

You see, there’s something going on in the mind when someone has clutter. Now, just so we are crystal clear here, I”m not talking about the occasional messy home or office. I’m talking about the vicious cycle of clutter that feels like you’re trapped and can’t get out from under the piles and piles of stuff.

When that cycle is alive, there are very strong emotional blocks that are active as well. This is why it is extremely difficult to break free from the clutter syndrome because there is a conflict between the mind and heart.

Now, I can tell you form my 20 plus years experience as a Chronic Disorganization & Hoarding Specialist, that this is a very serious problem, however, the good news is that it is solvable. It does take some work, but there is a cure for clutter.

The cure for clutter not only has to do with developing good skills and forming new healthy habits, but it also has to do with readjusting our attitude and limiting beliefs. This is how the emotional blocks get penetrated and this is how a new mindset then occurs to end the clutter.

One of the ways I help people begin the process of de-cluttering their life is through a Mind Clearing Session. I’m sure you’ve heard me talk about this previously and have read the testimonials. The Mind Clearing does exactly that – it helps bring clarity and a deeper understanding to one’s higher self.

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Hesitating On Something? This Will Help.

Are you hesitating on taking action on something?

You’re not alone.

One reason we hesitate when we have something we are afraid to do is because we are thinking only of the end result and likely feel incapable of getting to that point from where we are now.

Now, if you “think” about that above statement and apply it to your own circumstances, maybe you can get a little more insight into why you’re feeling afraid or incapable.

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The Simple Things In Life Matter

We are all craving stability and a sense of order to our lives right now. I think we are also realizing that it is the SIMPLE things in life that matter the most – that make a difference.

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A Few Things To Stay Mindful Of This Season

I know how easy it is to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the holidays, so I wanted to remind you of a few things this season.

1.  Love yourself.  There’s a really good book/audio you can gift yourself with.  It’s called, Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It. Author, Kamal Ravikant is a beautiful soul.  I think you’ll enjoy it!

2.  Laugh. You know what they say, laughter is the best medicine and it’s absolutely free.  The holidays, as joyful as they are, can trigger an array of emotions.  There’s no better antidote for stress then a good laugh.

3.  Stay organized. If you feel like “things” are getting out of control, now’s the time to stay mindful of what’s important in your life. The Mindful Tools for Organized Living series will assist you with that.  It’s a must!

Oh, and in 2020, I’ll be offering a brand new workshop; A New Year’s Guide to Purging and Organizing!  So, stay tuned!

Till then my dear friends, have a beautiful holiday season and stay safe!

“Ask The Organizer” is back!

“Ask The Organizer” is back!

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