Do You Dance Around Your Clutter?

Clutter is a very personal topic – it brings up many emotions; shame, guilt, frustration, anger, overwhelm. Often people tend to “dance” around the subject because of these feelings. The problem with that is if we use these moves for too long, twisting and turning, away from our clutter, it only becomes worse.

So I have a solution.

Instead of dancing around your clutter, I would like for you to accept my invite to attend my Spring Social. I have happy feet this spring season and I would love for you to be my dance partner. I’m throwing a little Soiree and it’s the perfect opportunity for you to express yourself in a light and airy environment.

Clutter can be heavy and burdensome, but for our gathering we are going to put a little spin on it. We’re going to keep it uplifting and humorous as we swirl around and who knows, maybe have some powerful, breakthroughs while dancing together.

Oh, and I will be “Live” so if you want to dance around with me…make sure you attend with your computer…but if you just want to sing with me…that’s okay too – you can use your phone.

So whataya say? You want to have a little Soiree over our stuff? The best story wins a prize. You In?

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