Piles into Files

Yes, I know…how those papers grow…and before you know it, you can’t see beyond your piles.  Well, you are not alone.  Finding creative filing systems is the key.  Remember, you have to “want” to get organized and finding methods and tools that you are attracted to will help begin the process.  Questions, just ask away.

Clearing Out The Clutter on Blog Talk Radio…

Keep It Simple Now Getting Excited For Tonight’s Talk Show – Check It Out!THE ATTITUDE SHIFT w/ Patricia Diesel 3/24/2010 – The Broke Wives Club on Blog Talk Radio
Professional organizing coach Patricia Diesel of Keep It Simple Now LLC joins the ladies in putting our lives through the car wash and emptying the ashtray of the buts in our lives so to speak.

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Why Can’t I Get Organized? Help!

My Dear Friend,

With respect to your situation and current affairs…I must speak the truth. You have confessed to reading and investigating organizing options every which way you turn…and the reason for your delayed success is quite frankly, this…

Self help techniques are failing you because you need a customized program. One that will help you come into your own and figure out what is best for you and your family. Period.

This does not mean it happens over night…the success you seek – the calm, quiet of your mind and space is something that you work towards and then maintain for life. Again, period.

Anyone else telling you differently is misleading.

I can help you if you are committed and accountable to the process that is required for living an organized life.

If you feel you are up for the challenge, I can offer you many coaching options that we can work through.

The above letter was sent in response to a woman who is overwhelmed with her disorganization and clutter. She is continually let down by trying self-help techniques that do not help her.

Can you relate to this? What are your thoughts? Are you ready to create a lifestyle that enhances your quality of life?

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Save It With A Smile – A Snapshot of Clutter Control

Taking a PictureMy daughter, a fashion design student in New York City, called to remind me about her annual runway show this spring. Every year, two schools showcase their work and compete against one another to see who will win the title of “Best Designer.”

As you can well imagine, there is lots of energy and excitement leading up to this event and when the day arrives, every proud family member is there trying to capture the moments with their cell-phone cameras, digital cameras and video equipment.

But with all the fame and glory, comes, yup, you guessed it…clutter! Between the layers of outfits and accessories, piles of sketches and designs, and the ever-glowing memories from program announcements and pictures, you end up with lots of “stuff”.

Now in the life of a design student, their clutter actually becomes a stepping stone for their portfolio. Once they choose their overall design to display as their creation and work of art, they can begin to let go and reduce the excess trimmings, so to speak.

But what about us loved ones who share in their delight? What do we do about the paper trails of stuff that follow us home?

On my drive back that evening, I kept glancing at the program thinking to myself, “where am I going to put this?” How do I keep it safe until I decide what I want to do with it? Should I place it in a drawer or a file? Maybe, I should just put it in with my daughter’s other memories that are in her childhood treasure chest?

But then it occurred to me, that if I take a photograph of the brochure, inside and out, that this image will be just as valuable to me and her as the actual program, and I won’t have to worry about finding a place in my home for it to live.

Therefore, I started thinking about other ways clutter could be reduced. Consider this: How many times have you gone shopping and tried on outfits that you were not sure of, but still purchased them, only to return them.

Well, what if you took out your camera and took a picture of yourself instead. This way you have time to think about it, ask your friends and family their opinion and the best part is, you don’t have to spend any money while you are trying to figure it out. When you finally make your decision, just delete the image. It’s that simple.

So now, I carry a small digital camera in my purse where I go. If I forget it, I use my camera on my cell phone. It is my new resource for clutter control and I’m loving it!

5 Steps to Simplifying His Routine

Mature CoupleAre you having challenges getting your man organized?  Is it common to find your significant other dropping things throughout the house when he walks in the door?  Wish you could head him off at the pass and break these patterns?

Well, with a few helpful hints, these habits can be a thing of the past. Incorporating change can improve your relationship, ease tension, and create a healthier state of mind.

Study your man

Begin by observing his routine.  What does he actually bring in the door with him? Is he picking up the mail along the way?  Does he have a briefcase in tow?  From the moment he enters, does he go to the same place to drop off his things, or better yet, does he scatter them throughout the home – a briefcase here, a wallet there and loose change tossed on the dresser?

Typically, when retiring for the day, men need places to deposit their stuff.  When it comes to their loose change, a wallet full of receipts and electronic gadgets, having proper homes will simplify their routines and bring about order in your home.

Give him homes

  1. Small change – Start with a money jar for his extra change.  He has the option to either refill his pockets the following day, or its’ a great incentive to start saving up for something special.
  2. File it away – Consider using a file folder or an envelope, and label it receipts.  This way he can clean out his wallet each day, and at the end of the month you can match them with your statements.
  3. Safe hiding – Jewelry boxes are not only for women.  If your man wears a watch, ring, or any other accessory, he will need a safe place for his trinkets.
  4. A place to recharge – Find an isolated place for a docking station for all of his electronic devices.  However, designate a spot that is in view to help prevent forgetting it in the morning; consider placing on a bright colored tray.
  5. Sorting things out – Choose a convenient spot for the household mail.  This way, he has a place to set it down that will prevent him from misplacing it. If you can label some folders with different categories, he will be more inclined to sort it.

Note: Getting organized is a learned activity. With these simple steps, just think what can get accomplished from here.

You Get To The Point Where…

“You get to the point where your demons, which are terrifying, get smaller and smaller and you get bigger and bigger.” – August Wilson

Do you ever get to the point where your clutter just seems so big?  Do you feel terrified, almost paralyzed when you think about “attacking” it?  The key to overcoming this fear of clutter is to take the first step, one at a time, with a laid out plan.  Once you begin to build up your resistance to the “powerless” feelings, you will see how the clutter begins to take on a new look.  It will get smaller and smaller and you will become bigger and bigger.

Steve Adubato and I Catch Up

Caucus: New Jersey with Steve Adubato

Stay tuned for the clippings of Steve and I discussing – “How to Clean Up Your Clutter and Organize Your Life for Better Success!”  As always, Steve made me feel comfortable and he was truly engaged and interested in the topic of organization.  It was so much fun!  Thank You Steve!

Patricia is Featured on TLC’s “TruthBeTold”

TLC’s “Truth Be Told”

August 12th, Wednesday, 9:00 PM

Hoarding Documentary

Series Premier – TLC Network

What a blast this was!  And to my Dear Friend and Client – “Alfie” you are an amazing Man!