Please Don’t Wait…

I don’t want you to wait one single moment more.  Come closer, I want to make sure you really hear me – I don’t want you to wait one single moment more…

I know you have a dream life that keeps you up at night, longing for more…

When I think about you possibly going another day, week, month or year without accomplishing exactly what you want, well, it makes me feel sad because I know it doesn’t have to be this way.  Not at all.

Think about this – In a year from now, how will you feel if you are in the same position you are in now?  Well I can answer that for you – it will feel as if you have been standing still and you will feel frustrated.

Follow Your Dreams

I’m sure you have heard it over a thousand times, if not more – “Follow Your Dreams.”  And I’m also sure that after all this time it must feel like it’s just a cliche – but can I assure you, it’s truly possible.

The secret to accomplishing your dreams is understanding that there is a way to “follow” them.  And that’s where I come in.  I can help you do this!  And it is what I do best.

So think about this…

How will you “feel” when one year from today, you are living the life you’ve always dreamed of? When you finally accomplish the goals, you’ve been longing for?

I think I can answer that question for you too….SIMPLY AMAZING!

Now remember what I said earlier – I don’t want you to wait a single moment more…

A Man Needs To Know

A man needs to know
A man needs to know that he’s bad and he’s good,
He can be what he hopes, he can be understood.
A man needs to feel he can conquer a fall,
For a man who can kneel has the strength to stand tall.
A man needs to know he can share and confide,
Even though he’s frightened way down deep inside.
For sometimes a man must sink terribly low,
Before he discovers how high he can go.
A man needs to know at the end of his rope,
He can handle his fears; he can build on his hope.
A man must believe he can change when he must,
He can learn to receive; he can learn how to trust.
And why must a man feel afraid and alone,
When each of us has the same fears of his own.
For sometimes a man must sink terribly low,
Before he discovers how high he can go.
A man has to live when it’s painful to try,
For a man needs to laugh and a man needs to cry.
A man has a need to strive and prevail,
He must learn to succeed and find out why he failed.
To carry his crown and to fill-up his cup,
Sometimes he drops down so that he can reach up.
For sometimes a man must sink terribly low,
Before he discovers how high he can go.

Written by the late Walter Brennan:

(~from Bob Proctor)


How To Make Routines Work For You And Others – Tuesday’s Tel-Class

Despite what you may have heard, routines are actually very good for you and can create an overall sense of health and well being.

If I could show you how to make routines work for you and others to help you become more productive and efficient in an upcoming Tel-Class this Tuesday, would you enroll in the class?


Wouldn’t you agree, there’s nothing worse than feeling like you just wasted your time on an uneventful day.

Most of us will be left feeling unproductive and frustrated, especially when we are trying so hard to achieve both our professional and personal goals.

When this happens to me, I usually find that I got out of my routine in some form or fashion, which ultimately sabotaged my time.


How To Make Routines Work For You And Others

Understanding the basics of time management is a valuable lesson to learn since it can be incorporated in all aspects of your life, from your work place to your home.  Therefore, routines are good to have.

If you want to develop a routine to stop wasting time, then consider taking this upcoming tel-class.

The Course Curriculum Will Cover:

    • How to find out what makes you tick personally.
    • Where you waste time and where you could be more productive.
    • Tips to help you understand that you have control over your day.
    • How to create a schedule that keeps you on track.
    • Understanding the importance of scheduling time for yourself.
    • Why taking a peek at tomorrow is helpful to prioritize your schedule.
    • How to resolve all issues as you have scheduled, unless it is impossible to do so.
    • How having a routine helps others.
    • And so much more…

I strongly suggest you come with an open mind, a sense of humor and a willingness to learn!


I’m always thinking of classes to help simplify your life.

I believe this one is going to help you tremendously.

I look forward to your participation.

Today Was An Amazing Day…Do You Know Why?

Let me tell you…what an amazing day I had.

Are you curious why it was so amazing and what made it stand out from any other day?

Well, it’s simple.  I wasn’t expecting it to be anything different from any other day…and quite frankly, was starting out with the thought process of …ugh…my glass is half empty attitude, until I shifted that…and when I did…well, amazing things happened…

Such as:

Had an awesome client consultation…interacted with full presence and opportunities certainly did present themselves…

Felt better about my circumstances…looked into the future with bright eyes and open heart…

Felt pumped about the idea of what can become of the vision that I have set forth because I believe in it…

What about you?

Are you looking at things from a perspective of how can I fix things and poor me…or are you saying…I am grateful for what I have and I look forward to what’s to come…

What do you do to help yourself feel better about your life…do you pray?   Mediate?  Recite a Mantra?  What….do you do?

I would love to hear from you…it’s by sharing that makes us human, alive and real…can you feel that?  Does this resonate with you?

Life is complicated enough…we can make it simple…if we choose to do so.

Success From Failure

“Develop success from failures. Discouragement and failure are two of the surest stepping stones to success.” – Dale Carnegie

I can certainly relate to this quote. Sometimes when I am faced with discouragement or I feel like I may have failed at something, it only makes me want to try harder. I guess in some ways my competitive nature comes out, but it makes me stronger in a sense. I have a mantra that helps me stay strong and moving forward – my secret mantra is:
“Never, Never, Never, Give Up!”

What about you? What do you do in the face of adversity? What keeps you going?

Check Out My Video From Lifetime TV

LifetimeYes, it’s true…we live in a very busy world. It’s hard to slow down at times and just relax.

Now more than ever, the need to balance our life is critical to our overall well being.

Sometimes, we may find that if we choose to prioritize ourselves we can begin to see a difference in our overall wellness.

Try beginning your day by preparing the evening before. How you start your day does set the tone for the rest of the day. Doing a little prep work, may just be the ticket you need to begin feeling better.

Yes, life is a balancing act, but if we practice, we can become pretty good at it!

Check it out…