Is Clutter Rooted In Unhappiness?

Is Clutter Rooted In Unhappiness?

Let’s talk about happiness and clutter for a moment…

Do you think you are really happy if you have clutter?  I want you to really think hard about that question.

Studies show that when we are unhappy we behave poorly – simply meaning we tend to develop unhealthy habits.

And let’s face it – having excessive clutter is a bad habit.

Unhappy people tend to focus on the negative and the stressors  in their life, whereas happy people go right to the fondness, nostalgia, and beauty parts, regardless of their challenges, chaos or tragedy they may have experienced.

With unhappiness, there’s a looming sense of dissatisfaction with life.  When there’s a genuine lack of self-satisfaction it’s understandable then why a person may internalize that their not “enough”  when they feel that life didn’t give them enough.

It makes sense then why people need to acquire and desperately hold onto “things.”  Clutter helps fill the empty void in their life and produces a false sense of happiness.  Happiness from things only lasts so long.

In the very first module of Mindful Tools for Organized Living, I have my students work through the root cause of their clutter.  This gives them the opportunity to peer into the past and look for clues that may indicate the onset of their clutter habit.

This insight is invaluable as it provides further clarity into the trigger points of clutter moving forward.

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