Imagine going on a long journey into the wilderness without a compass.  Unless you are very skilled and trained, the likeliness is that you will get lost.

Many of us walk around in life the same way…without direction or purpose, ultimately feeling very lost. Somehow, along the way, we forgot about our special talents, skills and yes, gifts!

Here are some reasons why people don’t live up to their full potential… (Or what they tell themselves):


*They don’t know how (Lack a plan)
*Feel inadequate (I can’t do this)
*Guilt feelings (Living in the past)
*Give Up (Fear of failure)
*Unwilling to make a commitment (Lack of responsibility)
*Don’t have time (Poor management of time)
*Compare themselves to others (Worried what people think)

Perhaps you are asking yourself some serious questions about your life right now.  May I suggest that you view these questions as opportunities to explore and discover new things about yourself.  Please don’t allow your past, doubt or fear to limit your quest.


Did you know that we all have special gifts?  Inside all of us, is a unique gift given to us.  Our job is to activate and employ our gifts.  Our gifts our also designed to be shared with others – to be expressed for the world to see just how different and unique we are.


The world needs your special gift now more than ever.  Why not begin today to commit to changing the way you live your life?  Freedom, peace, joy and self-love may just be right around the corner.


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Motives Do Matter

Motives Do Matter

Emotions are a habit – You get what you tolerate.

Tony Robbins said this and he was right.  The key to unlocking your negative emotions is to realize that they have become just that – a habit.  It is a learned behavior.  What we need to do now is retrain ourselves to feel differently so we can begin to focus on the positive aspects of life – and begin to feel the passion again.  This is possible as our brain is like a muscle – it gets stronger with practice.

So how do we do this?

According to Tony, and most professional growth leaders, you begin by finding something greater than yourself to serve.  Live for your family, community, humanity.  Choose something that you  can aspire to and truly feel good about.  Remember you can’t fake this, so no BS here.  As they say, “Motives Do Matter.”

Life is too short to stay in this cycle.  This is not to say that you won’t ever  feel sad, mad, stressed out, etc., –  of course you will.  The difference is that you will not live there for very long.  You can change it.

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PS:  Did you know that your brain grows and gets stronger when you learn?


Are You Working With Passion?

Martin Luther King said – “Whatever your life’s work, do it well.”

He went on further to explain that – “A man should do his job so well that the living, the dead, and the unborn could do it no better.”

I believe the point he was trying to stress is that your work should be aligned with your life’s purpose. 

Doing your work “well” is easy if you believe in the value of your occupation and you continue to seek work that you find meaningful.

Unfortunately some of us settle into jobs that we dread waking up each morning to; thus leaving us unhappy and unfulfilled.

Yes, I understand that in these economically challenging times, most of us are fortunate to be working, but I want to challenge you to take that labor of work and turn it into a labor of passion.

Ask yourself;  What can you do right now to gain a new perspective on what you are doing that will bring about passion for you?

Seeking out passion in your current position can provide you with a fresh perspective and clear out the cob webs of confusion.  Your new found passion can create sparks for future creativity, which can ultimately lead you closer to your life’s work.