Baggage Draggers – Are You One Of Them?

It’s not unusual to find beneath the manifestation of clutter there is the presence of emotional baggage from life experiences.  Years of  pain packed in suitcases that are dragged around with a collection of burdens and life disappointments.

Sometimes we hold onto our baggage for extended periods of time until we decide to unpack it for a while just to make sure that it’s still all there – reliving all the hurt and pain.  Then when it gets too unbearable, we pack it all up and drag it somewhere else.

Holding onto past experiences doesn’t foster growth or allow for new opportunities to enter our lives that can bring  joy, peace or love for that matter.  Unfortunately when we cling to these memories, we invite the pain to stay even longer along with the bitterness, depression and discouragement.

In order to break free from our excess baggage we need to learn how to “let go” of it.  By making a decision that you  no longer wish to be held a captive prisoner of your past, you can tell yourself you finally have had enough of focusing on all the negatives and you want to concentrate on moving forward with your life.  It is then, new beginnings are possible and your life will begin to improve.

Cleaning up the physical clutter is an important aspect to functioning in a healthy environment, but it is only part of the process of living clutter free.  Today, decide to unpack your baggage, take a good look at it and then let it go!