Do Your Actions Support Your Intentions?

Recently I was faced with a decision that was difficult for me to make because I truly cared about someone, but I also knew deep down inside that this person was not ready for what I was capable of in terms of a balanced relationship. 

My intentions were set from the beginning to meet someone who is “emotionally” available in mind, body and spirit.  Hence, a man appeared from my past that I found myself attracted to.   

As time took it’s course, I tried to evaluate whether or not my decision to not go forward was realistic  – was it because I was honoring my intentions – or was it in response to injured feelings of a past hurt.  I had to be clear. 

What I found was although my one time “Forever Man” did forever change my life, this also allowed me to see what I could and could not accept in terms of what was healthy for me.  

It was nice to have companionship, it was lovely to have someone who thought about me, and it was endearing to be wanted, yet I knew by staying, I would not support my intentions of a long lasting, loving relationship.

He thought he was ready, I knew he wanted to be ready.  There was the difference. 

What about you?  Are your actions in alignment with what you desire?  Are you being true to yourself, no  matter how fearful it is or how much it hurts?

(Excerpts from Patricia’s New Book)