Why I Think Kale Is SEXY


I happen to find Kale very sexy. The varying degrees of curves, curls and color that this one vegetable is capable of is simply fascinating to me. Beyond what this vegetable is showcasing on the exterior, there is so much more it can do for us on the inside. Trust me. I know.

You see, I recently had a health crisis that caused me to take a good, hard look at this magnificent wonder. Actually, I attribute a good portion of my healing to the miraculous power of this little baby. When I was first introduced to the concept of Clean Living and how plant based vegetables can heal your body, I was shocked that I never gave this spectacular beauty a second glance before. Boy, was I naïve.

It’s for exactly that reason I am calling your attention to this. I don’t want anyone to have to wait until they are faced with a health scare before they discover the power of Kale. The versatile uses of Kale makes it super easy to blend into your daily diet. Once you begin this process, I am convinced that not only will you see the benefits for yourself but you will agree with me that Kale, by gosh, is sexy after all.

You can learn more about Clean Living and some healthy smoothie recipes for Kale in my book, Organically Yours; Open Yourself to a Vibrant Healthy Life through Clean Living.  And if you participate in my pre-order offer, you can get your copy for only $1.00 plus S&H.