How To Boost Your Mental Health

Did you notice during the last several months how many people were interested in learning new things:  How to play an instrument, how to knit, how to take up carpentry…?

Did you also take note that de-cluttering and getting organized was hands-down the top thing people were interested in doing?

There’s a good reason for that.  Learning a new skill can occupy your brain so thoroughly that it leaves little room for the rumination that can lead to anxiety and stress.

Researchers have found that learning a new skill can be a great buffer against workplace stress and day-to-day stress.  That’s why organization ranks so high – it helps us in our personal and professional lives.

Listen, there’s an art to de-cluttering and organization. Both require different skill sets. Most people don’t realize that and so in the process of trying to de-clutter and get organized they become very frustrated and overwhelmed.

In my upcoming workshop, Lessons Learned, you will learn “the language of organizing” and how to develop the skill set of de-cluttering and organizing in the correct manner.

Tell me, a workshop that helps you boost your mental health and learn a new skill in the process, what more can you ask for?  It’s a win-win to me.

See ya in class, yes?


Lessons Learned: A Framework For Organization


I learned a long time ago that there is so much more to organization than meets the eye.

Organization is a platform for real growth to occur and breeds an environment that is conducive to wellness for your body, mind and environment.

Because I believe in the power of organization, I would like to invite you to my upcoming workshop:

A Framework For Organization

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Working From Home: It’s Okay To Say “No.”


I had the good fortune of meeting Estienne De Beer; The Meerkat Motivator.  He interviewed 18 Accomplished Professionals on how to manage their time.  You’ll find me listed as Number 3: Working From Home:  It’s Okay to say “No.”  I think  you’ll find the article to be just what you need right now.  Enjoy!


Get Organized: De-clutter & Streamline Your Life


Please join me at the Ridgewood Public Library!

I’ll be showing you how to get organized by de-cluttering and streamlining your life!


October 1, 2019, Tuesday, 7-8:30 PM

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Spring is my favorite time of year. Everything comes alive!  I feel so happy when I wake each morning to a colorful landscape and bursts of sweet aromas.  It’s breathtaking to me.

The season of spring is also a time when we become more active and we want to do things. If you’re anything like me, I would venture to say that you also have one of those “forever” to-do lists…just waiting for each item to be checked off.

This is why I have designed a new program to help you accomplish all those “things” that have been long awaiting your attention.  I want you to start this spring season strong!

No matter if they are household items, office tasks, or personal goals – Boot Camp will help you get the results you want!

I’m going to share a few things that are on my “List” and I am also going to share something very personal with you so you can understand why I want to help you get things done!

Won’t you please join me this Thursday?  All you have to do is register below and show up.  You will be very happy you did!

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I believe that everyone should live an organized life.  Why?  Because it’s a quality of life that everyone deserves to have.

And you can have it too!

If you are struggling with your clutter and disorganization here is your chance to change all of that!  PROJECT DECLUTTER – The 90 Day Challenge is going to revolutionize your clutter!



Commencing the week of October 5, 2015, you and I will work together in a very personal way.  You will receive private coaching, video tutorials, a personal organizing plan, private journal, ongoing email/text support and peer support – FOR 90 DAYS!

This Challenge is only open to 5 lucky people.  In order to make this fair to everyone, there will be an initial interview process to determine if PROJECT DECLUTTER is the right fit for you.

In order to make sure you get on the list for the interview process,  all you have to do is reserve your spot for only $100.00. Once you reserve your spot I will contact you to go through the interview process to see if this 90 Day Challenge is a proper match.

If you and I agree that PROJECT DECLUTTER is not a proper fit, your deposit will be refunded immediately.  If we agree that this is the right fit, you will then be officially registered and will be required to make your final payment of only $499.00.

Your overall cost is only $599.00 for 90 Days of Incredible Support, Tools & Coaching – plus a SPECIAL BONUS!
I am only taking 5 lucky people for this event to work with so space is limited and you need to act fast to reserve your place by making your initial deposit of only $100.00.
This will be a very personal, one-on-one event with lots of support that will far surpass anything you have ever experienced.


At the end of the 90 days you will receive a very special gift from me – until then, it’s a super special surprise you can look forward to!
Look at all that you will be receiving from this 90 Day Challenge – PROJECT DECLUTTER:
  • Private Coaching
  • Personal Video Tutorial
  • Private Journal
  • Personal Organizational Plan
  • Team Peer Support
  • Unlimited Email/Text Support
  • Maintenance & Upkeep Support



I take your success seriously.
We will be forming a relationship and bond that will far surpass any support you have ever received.
At the end of your 90 Day Challenge you will also receive a very special gift from me – but for now, it’s a super special surprise!
Let’s Do This!

Opportunity Knocks!

Consultation & Assessment

I will personally come to your home and provide you with a consultation and assessment of your physical environment and clutter condition. This process generally takes from 2 to 2.5 hours. Think of it as an Intake Session that has a series of questions and exercises for you to participate in. A suggested action plan will then be provided with a step-by-step outline. I will also take into account the investment of time, resources and finances it will require to complete the proposed plan for a successful transformation.

You will receive the same quality of care as the On-Site Assessment & Consultation except it is done via telephone or Skype. Prior to our time virtually, you will send me pictures of your environment through email or text. We will then spend 2 hours together virtually just as if I was there in person conducting the Intake Session. A suggested course of action will follow taking into consideration your overall investment of time, resources and finances that will be necessary for the proposed transformation.

*Please note that your overall physical and emotional well-being is always a factor when considering your action plan.

On-Site Half-Day Sessions
These sessions are available when it’s necessary to assist you hands-on. This can involve purging, sorting and organizing. These sessions are designed to support you through the process of decision making and provide organizational training – they do not include labor. All sessions must have the consultation and assessment performed before booking. Each session is 3 hours long and can be purchased in blocks of time from 10:00 am – 1:00 pm or 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm.

On-Site Full-Day Sessions
These sessions are available for 5 hours from the hours of 10:00 am – 3:30 pm with a half-hour lunch break unless other arrangements are recommended. Time purging, sorting, organizing to de-clutter your environment for a full day is considered a more aggressive approach and requires a deeper commitment than half-day sessions. Arrangements for off-site hauling and labor are usually considered and discussed prior in the consultation and assessment that is mandatory before booking.

Virtual Organizing Sessions
In the comfort of your own home you will receive guidance and training virtually through the telephone or Skype. This can be done in blocks of time that are broken down into process segments or if you choose they can be done throughout the entire session. These sessions are available from 1 to 3 hour segments which can be applied towards getting your environment in order. This is a great alternative to on-site organizing as it provides you with a pro-active approach to achieving your goals with support.

Fees & Traveling Costs
Please call for detailed information and a price quote.

Are You Caught Up In A Paper Maze?

I was speaking with one of my students the other day.  We were discussing the recent success she was experiencing with her paper challenges.  She expressed that she finally felt things were falling into place and that she was feeling excited and motivated like never before.I asked her to please explain to me in more detail what that “looks like.”  She then said something to me that made me pause for a moment.  She said…

“Patricia, up until I took your workshop I felt like I was caught up in a paper maze.”

paper maze

paper maze

“It’s interesting, she said, I didn’t realize how much I was hiding under my piles of papers.  Through your encouragement, I was able to make a list and confront everything that at one point felt so terrifying to me.  Seeing it through, step by step, I was able to take charge of my papers and deal with the more difficult aspects of my life.  I feel like I have a different aura about me and now carry around positive energy.”

Finding Your Way Out Of The Maze
If you feel like you are overwhelmed and caught up in a maze of papers, you may want to consider taking my upcoming workshop.  The workshop will focus on your paper  clutter, what it represents, how it was manifested, and what you can do to resolve it.

I’m going to be talking about my “upcoming workshop” in a invitation only tel-class on Wednesday, November 19th at 8:00 pm, eastern time.

If you are interested in attending Wednesday’s class, please email me directly and tell me why you want to resolve your paper challenges and why you think you would be a candidate for my upcoming workshop.  I will then provide you with the access information to the tel-class, along with a questionnaire to fill out.

Please note, this is for the serious student who truly wants to learn and advance. If you feel this is you, then go ahead and email me now!  I will only be taking a small group of people, so I recommend that you act fast if you are truly serious.

I look forward to hearing from you!


Finally Organized Forever

If you could manifest an environment that you know deep down you’d REALLY like to live in, what would that look like for you?

You see, most people “lie” to themselves when they think about how cluttered and disorganized they really are.  They say “If I could only get rid of a few things then my space (and life) would look and “be” so much better. 

So they trick themselves into believing that if they take a few bags of “things” out of their home they are more organized, so therefore life is good again.  (Which is one of the reasons why we tend to stay cluttered – physically & emotionally.)


If you’d like to finally get organized ALLLL the way to where your environment is echoing organization and you feel at peace with your life – once and for all


You would like to get my personal support as well as peer support to make it happen, then you MUST register for this tel-class.  In this class, I will be explaining the details of my upcoming on-line workshop.

Details such as:

*How to create a crystal clear vision for the ideal life you’ll be living in your neat, tidy & organized environment.

*How to uncover hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your organizing efforts and keeping you cluttered.

*How to gain outside perspective by sharing your struggles without worry, shame or guilt.

*How to access support so you don’t have go it alone and feel isolated or overwhelmed.

This is going to be an awesome workshop that will provide you with extraordinary tools to help keep you clutter free once and for all.

So if you are interested in FINALLY GETTING ORGANIZED FOR REAL then don’t delay – register now for this tel-class!

Get more information
Register Now!
I can’t make it

Here’s your chance – and I hope you will take it!  I look forward to you being on the call.

Always My Best,

Patricia Diesel, CPC
(908) 642-1226

Cluttered & Cramped?

The latest statistics show that our culture on a whole is consolidating.

It may appear that it’s as simple as “getting rid of this and getting rid of that” to make our lives neat and tidy, but we know that it does take much more than that!

You know, just as well as I do, that if it were that easy everyone wouldn’t be feeling overwhelmed when it came time to “letting things go” and organizing the rest.

It’s why the professional organizing/life coaching profession has exploded over the past few years and still is in high demand. 

People require assistance and guidance when it comes to their lovely, beautiful, sentimental things.

They want to live in a home that feels “homey” and is not referred to as a place, a house, a flat or an apartment.  They want to feel good in their space so when visitors come knocking they can feel proud to let them in and cozy up to.

Tell me, by looking at the below photographs what comes to your mind? 
cluttered & cramped
Do you think one space is better than the other? 


Do you see a difference in how their space is being used?


Do you see clutter in the spaces?
Do the pictures represent anything else for you? 
Do you secretly wish you could have a home that reflects order and style?

It’s true that everyone has their own unique style and flair for decorating – that’s what makes our homes so interesting.  It’s a reflection at some point of who we are.

Not everyone has to agree with our taste, but from my years of experience I can confidently say that everyone does agree that they don’t like clutter. 

In this class we are going to explore the many faces of clutter, and how to get motivated to want to rid yourself of the clutter by using “style and order” as a technique.

It’s a secret that I have used throughout the years with my clients and I would like to share it with you in this upcoming tel-class.
All that is required for this class is an open mind and a willing to learn and of course, you will want to take plenty of notes!  It’s going to be fun, fun, fun!