I’m Teaching A New Class – You In?


I’m teaching a FREE clutter class on Tuesday, May 21, 2019.

My last free class was PACKED.  And so much fun.  This one is even better.  You should come.

It’s called Clutter & Beyond; how to break the cycle of clutter and recharge your life with purpose and passion.

I’m going to show you how to move from the unbearable weight of clutter to a life of freedom.

Yes, yes it’s true.  There is a life after clutter and the world is waiting for you to show up.  (I explain more in the video once you click the reserve link)

I hope you’ll consider it.  Click here to reserve your seat in the classroom.

3 Strategies That Can Help You Get Organized

3 Strategies That Can Help You Get Organized

There are three strategies that can make your organizing efforts more successful. 

It begins with taking a look at organizing from a psychological, social and tactical aspect. 

Here’s a quick intro to get you started:

It’s extremely important that mentally you start out with a positive outlook and you maintain that throughout.  Feeding your mind healthy thoughts is good for the brain and helps sustain your motivation.  Using your mind to envision your outcome is also important by staying focused on the “outcome.”

We are humans and we’re not designed to do things alone.  Having a support system is critical to your well-being.  A mentor, friend, coach, peer, someone that you can openly and honestly talk to and receive feedback and pointers from is the key to following through.

Having an organizing plan that you can execute with confidence can make a huge difference with how you manage your time. Make sure you understand how to declutter, sort and organize in the most efficient manner.

All three strategies play an important role separately and collectively. Through the process of getting organized you may find yourself bouncing from one to the other for strength. endurance and stability.  ​

Remember, organizing can be something you just “do” or it can be a lifestyle.  It all depends upon how you choose to look at it.

One Word That Can Bring You Success


I’m often asked, “What is the secret to being organized?”

I have deep empathy for people who struggle with clutter and disorganization – because I have witnessed the pain they go through.

Just this morning I was talking to one of my students about how her life has changed since she got organized –  simply because she was able to say “Yes.”

Here’s what I mean by that –

I’m sure you can relate to getting all fired up about something, and then talking yourself out of it with all the reasons why it isn’t possible and why it won’t work out for you.

Well,  I’m here to tell you for certain, the ONLY reason things don’t work out for you is  that  you keep  finding all the reasons to say “no”, rather than all the reasons to say “yes.”

Because my client said “YES,” she’s now able to –

  • Invite people over to her home without worrying about being embarrassed by clutter
  • Find her things without always feeling like she’s on a scavenger hunt
  • Feels more peaceful and relaxed in her home which helps her sleep better at night
  • Experiences more joy and happiness throughout her day

When you can muster up the courage to say “yes” you’ll see yourself making similar progress.

I want to encourage you to think of what it is you’ve been really wanting, and then say “yes.” You’ll feel a shift inside you immediately.

And then, continue saying “yes” as you take each and every step until you find yourself living your best life – organized and all!

If you want my help on how to get started – all the details are

Need A Little Magic In Your Life?

Are you familiar with the folk tale of Aladdin (the Disney movie from 1992) where he rubs a  magic lamp and a genie appears and grants him 3 wishes?

It’s one of my favorite stories.

I sometimes wonder if I was granted 3 wishes like Aladdin, what I would choose and how my life would change.

So I make a little game out of it.  I think really hard about the 3 wishes I would like.  Then I try to figure out if I can turn those wishes into achievable goals.

It’s pretty interesting how this little game reveals some really big stuff.

I encourage you to try it.

Lately I’ve been thinking about how I can help make some of your wishes come true and turn them into achievable goals.

With Spring right around the corner, tidying up and getting organized I’m thinking might just be one of them.

If that’s the case, head on over HERE and see how I’ve created some magic just for you!



On November 19th I will be hosting another Ask The Clutter Coach call.

This call is all abut serving you. I really want to help you with all your clutter challenges. It doesn’t matter if you want tips to clean out your closet, empty out your junk drawer, solutions for your paper and mail or how to declutter your entire home – this call is about moving forward.

This call is also about not repeating the same habits and behaviors so you can live clutter-free.

Why not let 2019 be dramatically different (and better) than 2018.

Join me on Monday, November 19th @ 7:00 pm EST. No need to reserve – just mark your calendar and this link – (you’ll need this link to join us.) Don’t worry though, if you’re not in front of a computer, the link will provide a phone number for you.

Oh, one last thing. If you really want this call to impact your upcoming year, bring one change that you would like to see for yourself but for some reason has not happened. It could be a better routine/schedule, healthier diet, positive outlook…

Remember, this is all about moving forward and recognizing our patterns is a good place to start.

I’ll see you on the call.

PS: Mark your calendar now!

Parents Need Coaching Too – Find Your Balance

Listen up….Calling all parents! 

Back to school time is hectic.  And right now you are in the “throws” of it.  That means you are super busy and I am sure feeling pretty stressed.

It’s okay…I understand.  I was a single parent for many years.  I know what you are going through.  Although this can be a very exciting time for your children, it’s not always easy to share in their enthusiasm when we are feeling out of balance.

I get it! 

What we want to be on the look out for is associated overwhelm and anxiety.  This is important because it’s generally the time we start to see excessive amounts of clutter and other manifestations.

I understand that work-life balance is a challenge and how easy it is for things to snowball out of control.  That’s why it’s necessary we prepare and put into place an organizational plan.

I’m presenting a tel-class to help you re-focus, prioritize your important tasks, and clear out those cob-webs. It’s the perfect time to brush up on your skills and perhaps learn a few things or two.

Won’t you join me?  Remember, parents need coaching too!
Register Now!
Sending good vibes,

It’s Time To Take A Look At Things

It’s Time To Take A Look At Things

Wouldn’t you agree that purging our “things” lends us to ask certain questions?

Questions such as:

Do I like this?
Do I love this?
Do I want this?
Do I need this?
Do I…?

Should I keep this?
Should I toss this?
Should I donate this?
Should I sell this?
Should I …?

And when we ask these questions, wouldn’t you agree that it prompts us to take a more serious look at our life?  I think it does.  In a sense, purging encourages us to “let go” of whatever is no longer serving us, as much as it enables us to see what we truly value.

In my upcoming event, Fall Into Life, (a 6 week coaching program) we will take a deeper dive into some of these questions and a more serious look at how you want to live your life.

I hope you will consider this event, especially if you have been “thinking” about “things” for a while.  Now is your time to take action.

Learn more here…

9 And Counting

9 And Counting

The FALL INTO LIFE event is sure to be the EVENT OF THE SEASON.

We have 9 people attending and my goal is for 10 people to register.  If you have not registered yet, please make it your top priority to do so.

You have my word that I will personally do everything possible to make this the coaching experience of a lifetime.  I am super excited because I am learning so much content that I can hardly wait to share it with you.  I know that it’s a game changer because I am living it.

Look, I get fearful too!  I stretch myself sometimes so far I literally can’t believe I have the courage to do it..but my Coach Derek reminds me that we have two choices in life…

1.  We do it
2.  Or we don’t

I choose to stretch, to explore, to live…and by doing so I HONOR MY YES!

Friends, and yes, I call you Friend, life is short.  I know this, and so do you.  Life is also precious and I don’t want to live with any regrets because I was too afraid to do something.  No, I refuse to do that!

What about you?

Please don’t wait.  Register now for the EVENT OF THE SEASON!

Click Below To Register:


De-Stress Tip: Live Your Truth

My Dear Friend,

Would you like to find a simple way (no gimmicks, no pie in the sky remedy) to reduce the stress in your life?

I ask this question because I understand first hand what it feels like to have huge amounts of stress.  I used to live  with extreme amounts of stress.  But that was before I learned about this simple life principle.

If  we really dive deep into this principle, we will find that it is actually a Universal Law.  A law designed to help us live a more abundant life.

When I learned of this law many years ago, I understood it in theory, but not to the level I do today.  Because of this new level of understanding, I was able to take the appropriate action that was necessary to change the way stress affects my life.

That’s what I want to share with you.  I want to let you know how this principle changed my life.  The simple principle I am referring to is “Honor Your Yes.”  You see, when we honor our YES, we are able to follow through on what we truly desire in life.  In essence, we then live out our truth.

But most of us have trouble with this. 

In my upcoming 6 Week Coaching Program, Fall Into Life, I am dedicating an entire module to this principle.  Not only do I want you to understand the core principle, but I am going to teach you how to apply it in your every day life.  Then, you will get to see just how this simple principle will become a game changer for you!

If you missed my previous two classes where I introduced this event, please don’t worry.  You can call me and I will walk you through the preliminaries of it.  For now, just click on the link below and get yourself registered.

The Fall Into Life event is broken down into three modules, designed to give you all the support and networking you need to be successful.  The event has lots of bonus items and incentives, so if you want to bring along a friend, please share this email.

All you have to do is click the link below…read the invitation…then register.  Once you do that, your Welcome Packet will arrive with all the details.  Kick off begins next week for scheduling.


Fall Cleaning Checklist (It’s Not What You Think)

Fall Cleaning Checklist
(It’s Not What You Think)
Fall is here!  Now is the perfect time to get your tasks completed and yourself organized.

Yet, sometimes, even though we have the best intentions and the greatest plan, we can end up getting distracted and/or overwhelmed.  Two key ingredients that can sabotage our checklist.

If you can identify with that, then you want to be on this call!

I am going to share with you my fall checklist, how I go about breaking down my tasks, and a few surprises that you just may be shocked to learn about!

I know fall clean-ups can be a dirty task, but I promise to keep it clean…well, somewhat…  🙂

Now go register…talk to you real soon!

Register Now!
PS – You need to attend “Live” to receive my latest eBook – so mark your calendar now and reserve that date!

Your task coach,

Patricia Diesel