Resolve To Reduce Clutter


Well, February is almost over and I know so many of you had good intentions to resolve your clutter by now.

So let me ask you this…

Why do you think you continue to struggle?

If I had to guess, I would say that you think you can go it alone.  That it won’t take that long and eventually it will all go away and get better.  Sound about right?

Let me share something that I learned from one of the top motivational and productivity coaches in the world, Brendon Burchard.  There is something that highly productive people have in common and that is they all have support.  Whether it’s a team of people or an individual coach, they all recognize that having support is paramount to their success.

It’s the reason why I designed my on-line course, Mindful Tools for Organized Living. – to give people an on-going resource of support.

Listen, whether you’re trying to figure out how to declutter and let go of your things, or organize and find homes for your stuff, there are strategies that can help you resolve your clutter much easier and faster. If you’re struggling, it’s because you’re doing it the hard way.

Perhaps it’s time for you to commit to resolving your clutter, once and for all.

Talk to me – I am here to help.  Visit me here!

Imagine – The Peace Of Mind From Being Organized


 The Peace Of Mind From Being Organized

As you may know, I coach people that benefit from a mindful, holistic approach to clutter-free living.  I care for my clients, which is why I’m writing this note to you today.  I’d like to offer you or someone you care about something – a second opinion.

My second opinion service is a time-tested process I use to determine where you (or your loved ones) are now and where you would like to go by reviewing your lifestyle goals and identifying any conditions that may need improvement.

It never hurts to know more and I want to help you and the one you care about live a stress-free, organized life.


Why now?  I’ve never seen so many people hungry for wellness solutions.  This includes the body, mind and living space.  There’s a a lot of uncertainty in today’s world and a noticeable shift where people long for alternative methods for their well-being.

I want to help make sure the people I work with have peace of mind from being clutter-free and living a lifestyle that is conducive to the wellness they deserve.  Plus, I want to provide them with the right tools to ward off any potential risk factors that may negatively influence their quality of life.


  1.  I find you are in good shape and advise you to continue doing what is already working.
  2.  I find you could improve your lifestyle conditions and if I’m not a fit for your particular needs, I am happy to point you in the right direction to someone who can work with you effectively.
  3.  I find gaps in your current lifestyle and feel I could provide a significant advantage in helping you reach your wellness goals.  I would then explore the idea of working together and what that would look like.

If you think you or the people you care about would benefit from a second opinion – please take advantage of my no-obligation offer by scheduling your call with me HERE!

Remember, I’m here to help.





How to Smash the 3 Deadly P’s

How to Smash the 3 Deadly P’s


Patricia Diesel Creator of the Mindfulness Program shows you how to overcome your clutter.

How to Smash the 3 Deadly P’s

If you’re struggling with excessive clutter, it’s practically a guarantee you’re experiencing one (or all) of the 3 Deadly P’s:

Perfectionism. Procrastination. Paralysis.

One of the biggest stumbling blocks I see for women who are trying desperately to get organized is they over-think “things.”

They have an idea in their head the way “things” are supposed to be that they get caught up in perfectionism and never take action.

Now, why is this deadly?

Because perfectionism actually leads to procrastination and then…

Yes, you go it.

Paralysis. (Overwhelm)

And there you have it…a very vicious cycle.

Sometimes things have to get “messy” before they get better. Decluttering is a perfect (excuse the pun) example of this. There’s going to be some turmoil.

Yet, what most don’t realize is that it doesn’t have to be pure chaos.

If you follow a system with step-by-step strategies, everything will fall into place neatly and orderly.

One of the strategies that I noticed resulted in making the MOST progress for my clients is imposing deadlines.

Now I can hear some backlash …

“I don’t do well with set time frames. It feels to restrictive.”

Yes, but here’s the thing.

Clutter loves the fact that you’re a free-bird with no routine, schedule or plan.

Case in point…

Without a time management system to follow you can expect the clutter to be hanging around. GUARANTEED.

That’s why I developed 7 Simple Steps to Cure Clutter inside of my Mindfulness Program. It’s a process that if followed as instructed will stop the 3 Deadly P’s in their tracks.

What makes it so successful?

Having effective time management skills is important in just about any area of your life. But for clutter control purposes…

You get to rely on a process where you exercise conscious control of your time spent on specific tasks without the worry, fear or overwhelm of over-thinking.

This is how you overcome clutter.

For now, I challenge you to set a workable deadline at a pace that stretches your comfort zone. This may include using tools that you are not familiar working with; a timer, calendar, planner.

NOT at a pace that’s going to burn you out or cause anxiety. You want to begin in a way that gives you a good experience so you can build your momentum.

Only you can determine what a reasonable yet challenging deadline is.

However, a deadline can be one of the Golden Rules of Organizing. For example, “I’ll spend 15/20 minutes per day tidying up.”

Deadlines can also be for an overall project. Such as “I’ll give myself 30 days to declutter all my closets.”

When you see how well this works for you, in no time you’ll feel more inspired and confident to tackle the bigger elephant in the room (Um, that would be the rest of the clutter) and smash the Deadly P’s for good!

How Cluttered Is Your Brain?

A cluttered brain can be filled with many things, ranging from all the things that are on your ‘to do’ list to worrying about how you will be able to complete everything successfully. One area that can predominately clutter up our brain is the constant banter we have with ourselves – our internal dialogue. This private conversation can influence our brains to have negative attitudes and thus, negative outcomes if we feed it negative thoughts.

Take Tammy for instance. She couldn’t understand why her sister’s life was filled with happy, positive things while her life was always a struggle. Her thoughts were, “Nothing good ever happens to me. Why do good things happen to my sis, while I always get the short end of the stick? It just isn’t fair!”

It wasn’t until Tammy started to realize that her sister always has a positive attitude.  It doesn’t seem to matter what happens, her sister handles most everything with ease and looks for the good in all situations.

Maybe it’s time Tammy finds out more about healthy thinking. It certainly couldn’t hurt…

Can you identify with Tammy? Or do you fall more into the category of her sister’s mindset? There were certain things that led up to Tammy’s aha moment that helped her transform her thinking. Would you like to learn how she did it? Then, you should grab a copy of my new book, Organically Yours; Open Yourself to a Healthy Vibrant Life Through Clean Living. If you pre-order now, you can receive your copy for only $1.00 plus S&H.






Have you ever had the feeling that there is so much more to life than what you already have?  Do you struggle trying to balance your health, your mindset and your living space?  Does it feel impossible to do?

What if, instead, the constant battle went away?  You could simply transform your life so you could reach optimum health, clearer thinking and a smart environment?  Can you imagine what that would look like – what it would feel like?  In this book, Patricia Diesel helps you make it possible.

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Patricia’s own deep insights and experience as a professional coach, author and speaker makes Organically Yours a positive and motivational read.  You can take a pro-active approach to your wellness.  You don’t have to wait until a true crisis occurs.  You can begin healing yourself through clean living today!