7 Habits Of Organized People; A New Course

Do you ever wonder what’s different about a person who is organized from someone who is not?

If you’re like most people, you probably think it’s because they were “born” that way – it’s their gift.

But what if I told you that’s not the case at all.

There are solid reasons why some people are more organized than others.

The good news is that you can become better organized too! 

All you need to do is learn what stands them apart (what they’re doing differently from you) and follow what they’re doing.

And I’m going to make that very simple for you to do with my new course: 7 Habits Of Organized People.

I’m going to show you the top 7 Habits that highly productive people do that  make them efficient and super organized. 

If you’ve been struggling, beating your head against the wall, trying to figure out why you can’t “BE” organized like other people, this is the class for you – so don’t miss it!

You can get all the class details of the 7 Habits Of Organized People by clicking HERE!

Life After Clutter Can Exceed Your Expectations

This picture can represent someone's home or a new career for a person.

Life After Clutter Can Exceed Your Expectations.


I’ve been busy creating a new class to teach.

I got inspired because I realized that people still have many questions about clutter.

Clutter is complicated. So I want to clear things up for you as much as I can.

There’s also another reason. 

I want to give you an inside look at what life is really like for people once they are clutter-free. 

There is a life way beyond clutter that exceeds most people’s expectations.

What most people don’t realize is that their entire life opens up to possibilities once they are clutter-free.

This picture can represent a fresh new start in their home or a new career for someone.

Do you see?

I’m going to show you what life really looks like for people beyond the clutter.

The course is called:

how to break the cycle of clutter
and recharge your life with purpose and passion

Regardless if you’re struggling with clutter or just trying to figure out what your next step in life might be, I’d like to invite you to my FREE class. You can grab your seat here.

I look forward to seeing you in the classroom.

Stop The Insanity

Are you familiar with this quote from Einstein?

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.”

Well, I recently learned that the accurate quote, according to Quote Investigator, is…

“Insanity is repeating the same mistakes and expecting different results.”

Now, I’m not here to steal Einstein’s thunder, (I actually have a “thing” for the MAN) but I found it pretty interesting that there is quite a distinction between the two quotes.

Did you happen to catch it?

Repeating the same mistakes is insanity.

NOT doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

Here’s why.

If you do something over and over again, such as exercising, and you are looking for a different result with your body appearance or emotional health, how is that insane?  It’s not.  It’s logical and practical that you will see a different result.

But if you keep repeating the same mistakes, such as not opening your mail, or not doing the laundry or overspending, and expecting a different result, that’s more in line with insane thinking.  Not only will you get the same results but it will get worse.

Are you following me here? 

It’s like my Mindfulness Program – there are 6 Mindful Tools that you repeat over and over until you start seeing the results of living a clutter-free life.  And it works!

Insanity would be not repeating the mindful tools and expecting them to work.  Big Mistake!

What mistakes are you making in your life that you keep repeating and looking for a different result?

If you’ve been trying to declutter your life, perhaps there are some “things” you could be doing differently to get you the REAL results you deserve.

Let’s talk about it and see what we can come up with so you can finally stop the insanity and get the results you deserve.  (I think Einstein would like that!)

Schedule your call with me here:  https://calendly.com/patriciadiesel/free30min

Let’s Get Organized

Let’s Get Organized!

Clutter, Organized, Clutter-Free Living, Healthy Habits.

One of the Top Ten Resolutions people put on their list is getting ORGANIZED.

Because I believe in the health benefits of being organized, I wanted to let you know that I will be offering my FREE webinar “Get Organized” once again.

All you have to do is register and you can be on your way to a stress-free, organized life in 2019!

What are you waiting for?


Ask The Clutter Coach

Tuesday’s Tips &  More

Ask The Clutter Coach

On Tuesday, August 7th @ 7:00 PM et, I will be starting up Tuesday’s Tips & More; Ask The Clutter Coach.  You can now ask me any questions you have about clutter, be it mental, emotional or physical.  If you want to know how to be more organized or achieve abundance through simplifying, I encourage you to ask away.
So often I get asked great questions.  I thought, well, why not create an opportunity for everyone to participate collectively.  If you have any questions or simply want to pick my brain, please join us for Tuesday’s Tips & More; Ask The Clutter Coach this Tuesday, August 7, 2018 @ 7:00 PM et.

Below is the phone number and access code to participate:

Phone:  1-605-475-6333
Code:    270916
I look forward to your questions.  Talk to you on Tuesday!
PS:  Here’s your first tip to being organized:  Enter the information into your calendar now! 

Let Go And Let God – How This Pertains To Clutter

I’m sure you have heard the expression, Let Go And Let God. Yes?

Recently, I attended a seminar that gave me a different perspective on what Let Go And Let God means.

Most of us think about letting things go and turning things over to God when we are up against insurmountable odds. I would like to share some fascinating information that just may be a game changer for you when it appears the odds are stacked against you.

I would also like to take a closer look at what it really means to Let Go and Let God as it pertains to clutter. I know, it may sound a little “out there” but trust me…it was a huge aha moment for me and I can’t wait to let you in on it.

If this interests you, I would really love to talk to you.  Don’t miss the opportunity to connect with me personally.  I am opening up my calendar for three days, beginning July 10th – 12th. You can go ahead and register by clicking here!

Talk to you real soon!


The Fresh, Free Environment

How one chooses to live is a very personal choice. However, when clutter starts to interfere with the quality of your life, it’s time to reassess your living space. If your possessions do not have a permanent place in your home, remember the Golden Rule:

“A place for everything and everything in its proper place.”
~Organically Yours

Please Don’t Stress

Modern stress is a very real thing. What this means is that modern life has created stress that most of us find overwhelming. This new stress comes from:

Technology which causes us to be continually “connected” – so we’re never turned “off.”
Work-Life balance issues – i.e., trying to do too much and prioritizing it all.
Continual Stimulation – we are on overload from air, noise and visual pollution – it takes a toll on our brain power.

The real problem with all of this is that stress is inflammatory. So when we have inflammation circulating throughout our body we are in a state of dis-ease. If we do not learn how to manage our stress in positive ways, ultimately this can break us down and lead to chronic health conditions.

Studies have also shown that when we are in constant stress – we outwardly manifest what we are internalizing – thus many people experience clutter in their environment.

In my upcoming event, 3 Hallmarks of Wellness, we will be covering Modern Stress and similar topics that are of true concern. Learning how to cope and manage stress is paramount to our well-being.

That’s why in this workshop, I will be personally guiding you through the 3 Hallmarks of Wellness so you can experience first-hand how to learn how to deal with some of these real life issues we face today.



Recently I sat down with Joanna Gagis, television host of Life & Living to chat about my new book, Organically Yours; Open Yourself to a Vibrant Healthy Life Through Clean Living and well, life.

Joanna asked me some personal questions about my wellness journey and then we really got into it and explored the 3 comprehensive approaches to clean living. It’s as real as you can get.

Watch the video, I think you’ll see what I mean.



Unload The Mental Clutter

Unload The Mental Clutter  – Set Yourself Free!

Most of us are familiar with physical clutter in the home or office. We also are aware of the toll it can take on our well-being. But did you know that many people walk around with a mind full of clutter? Think about what I just said… a MIND FULL of clutter. Those words alone make me personally feel tired.

There are times when it seems like our minds work on over-drive. Either it’s something new that’s causing us to feel anxious or something from the past creeping in to haunt us. I think most people can identify with this.

But what about the type of mental clutter that stays and doesn’t go away. Where it actually holds you back and hinders you from being fully present in any given moment. Stray thoughts, fears, worries, and the list goes on, take over and control you.

Stray thoughts, fear and worry run through our minds, handicapping us from living fully.

Imagine for a moment what you could accomplish if all that mental space were freed up. Imagine how good you would feel! Imagine how different your life would be! I want that for you. I want you to live a life of freedom and have peace of mind.

I talk about this in my book, Organically Yours and I want to share this information with you! So whether you already read my book or not, I would like to extend a personal invitation to spend 30 minutes of your time with me. All you have to do is register and you will be taken to my calendar to schedule a time. But this special invite does expire this Friday, and there are only a few spots left. So you must act now!