Sometimes Waiting & Holding On Causes More Damage



I love this quote…


Procrastination is a way of living in the past instead of the present moment.
~ Debasish Mridha


Far too often we wait on taking action that could be serving our highest good.


And by waiting, it prevents us from moving forward and getting our “stuff” done.


It’s like holding on to “things”  that no longer serve our needs or purpose.


All it does is keep us in a cycle of stagnation and clutter.


Waiting too long or holding on too tight can keep us in a bad relationship, a crummy job, and stifles us from pursuing our passion.


And when we live in the past all we do is continually reprogram our mind to stay there. That’s because its job is to ensure that you respond exactly the way you are programmed.  Your subconscious mind makes everything you say and do fit a pattern consistent with your self-concept.


This is why motivational activities, positive affirmations, and mindfulness programs are so impactful for people who want to change the course of their life.


So today, I’d like to encourage you to stop waiting and holding on and step into a new way of thinking…


Click Here To Let Go Of The Past And See What’s Possible For You


Because sometimes waiting and holding on does more damage than letting go.


Click Here To To Let Go Of The Past And See What’s Possible For You

And remember…


An uncluttered life is a beautiful life!

It’s All About The Results

It’s Friday and I’m hoping you have some really cool plans for your week-end.

Whether you have something super exciting to do or you’re going to simply chill out and relax, as long as you have peace of mind, that’s all that counts.

Having a clear head to enjoy the things you want to do in your free time is priceless.

That’s not always easy to do when you have countless things on your mind, especially things that you have been putting off and procrastinating about.

The problem with procrastination is eventually it takes a toll on the mind and starts to wear you down.

I’m going to be teaching a class on how to finally put procrastination to rest. I think you’ll find it quite helpful if you’re looking to get results on some of those looming projects.

I hope you’ll join me.


Feeling Overwhelmed? Try This.

We all feel overwhelmed at times.  And overwhelm is no stranger to lack of follow through.

Don’t beat yourself up and don’t put so much pressure on yourself if you are having difficulty right now completing something.

The mind on overwhelm is complicated.  It’s going to signal you to feel an array of emotions which can leave you feeling anywhere from anxious to exhausted.

But there are things you can do to control the chaos and be productive again.

Here’s how:

First, you need to capture it.Take the ‘overwhelm’ out of your head and put it on paper, where you can distance yourself from it a bit.  Just brain dump everything that is gnawing at you that you would like to get done.

Then I want you to sort it all out.  We refer to this as “Chunking.”  Think of it as categorizing your tasks and to-dos with headings and then sub-headings (keeping like with like).

Here’s an example:


ERRANDS (Category)                                         CALLS (Category)
Post Office (Sub)                                                  Make Eye Dr. Appt. (Sub)
Dry Cleaners (Sub)                                              Dinner Reservations (Sub)
Bank (Sub)                                                             Home repair estimates (Sub)

Next, choose the category that you want to take care of immediately.  Don’t overthink it.

And finally, take Action.  Either do it immediately, schedule it into your calendar, delegate the task, but take action right there and then.

By doing this simple exercise your mind will reward you by feeling uplifted and more positive.

Remember, break things down as much as possible whenever you feel it’s getting too big for your mind to handle.  It’s how you find simplicity in the complicated.

Stop The Insanity

Are you familiar with this quote from Einstein?

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.”

Well, I recently learned that the accurate quote, according to Quote Investigator, is…

“Insanity is repeating the same mistakes and expecting different results.”

Now, I’m not here to steal Einstein’s thunder, (I actually have a “thing” for the MAN) but I found it pretty interesting that there is quite a distinction between the two quotes.

Did you happen to catch it?

Repeating the same mistakes is insanity.

NOT doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

Here’s why.

If you do something over and over again, such as exercising, and you are looking for a different result with your body appearance or emotional health, how is that insane?  It’s not.  It’s logical and practical that you will see a different result.

But if you keep repeating the same mistakes, such as not opening your mail, or not doing the laundry or overspending, and expecting a different result, that’s more in line with insane thinking.  Not only will you get the same results but it will get worse.

Are you following me here? 

It’s like my Mindfulness Program – there are 6 Mindful Tools that you repeat over and over until you start seeing the results of living a clutter-free life.  And it works!

Insanity would be not repeating the mindful tools and expecting them to work.  Big Mistake!

What mistakes are you making in your life that you keep repeating and looking for a different result?

If you’ve been trying to declutter your life, perhaps there are some “things” you could be doing differently to get you the REAL results you deserve.

Let’s talk about it and see what we can come up with so you can finally stop the insanity and get the results you deserve.  (I think Einstein would like that!)

Schedule your call with me here:

A Reminder We Can All Use


A few signs along the way after teaching my Mindfulness Course in Florida.  We are all so unique and special and although our stories may be different we are all the same – and we all need kindness, love and support.  Here’s to staying mindful!

It’s All In The Mind

It’s All In The Mind

You may have heard how positive thinking is important to your mental health and also one of  the keys to The Law of Attraction.

But did you know that Neuroscience Research shows you can actually reprogram your brain?

So for people who have been trying to declutter their lives without success due to overwhelm, fear and procrastination, this can be very helpful.

In my Mindful Tools for Organized Living I dedicate an entire module to mind shifting so you can learn:

  • How to break old habits and build new ones
  • How to get rid of negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones
  • How to quickly and easily change your thoughts to a winner’s mindset

With the right tools and conscious effort, you can start thinking like a conqueror of clutter, and crush that negative self-talk.For example, instead of saying to yourself,  ” I’ll never get out from under all of this mess.  Who am I kidding, I’ll always have clutter.”

You will learn how to cancel out negativity and replace it with positive words like,
” I may have been disorganized in the past, but that was then and this is now.  I love being clutter-free.”

You owe it to yourself to open your mind and learn new strategies to live a healthier, clutter-free life.

Begin today and watch your mind shift and your life transform!

5 Ways To Journal

5 Ways To Journal

I’ve often suggest to my clients that they keep a journal to help them along their journey.

Journaling is simply writing down your thoughts and feelings to understand them more clearly. And if you struggle with stress, depression, or anxiety, keeping a journal can help you gain control of your emotions and improve your mental health.

Why is journaling good for your health?

Journaling can provide stress relief and boost your physical and mental health. Writing not only relieves stress and improves your mood, but it also boosts your immune system, which helps your body to withstand the effects of further stress.

stress, health benefits, journaling, declutter tips

5 Ways to Journal and Declutter Your Life

James Clear is an exceptional author who focuses on lifestyle habits that influence our productivity. He recently designed an adaptable notebook that he calls the Clear Habit Journal. The intention is to make it easier to build better habits that is rooted in the most effective behavioral science techniques.

Here’s an inside sample of the 5 different ways you can journal by asking just one question per day.

What happened today? (Daily Journal)
What am I grateful for today? (Gratitude Journal)
What is my most important task today? (Productivity Journal)
How did I sleep last night? (Sleep Journal)
How do I feel today? (Mood Journal)

I highly recommend keeping a journal, especially if you are in the midst of decluttering your life.

The benefits will be invaluable.

Stress-Free Lifestyle Tools To Conquer Clutter In The Home and Office


To Conquer Clutter In The Home and Office

Rarely is clutter recognized as a significant source of stress in our lives, yet “Eighty-four percent of recently stressed Americans say they worry that their home isn’t clean or organized enough, and within that group, 55 percent called it out as a source of recent stress.” (Huff Post)

When dirty dishes are piled, laundry overflows and your belongings are scattered about, your stress level rises. Trust me when I tell you, clutter & stress is real.

It is estimated that over a course of a lifetime, we will spend a total of 3,680 hours or 153 days searching for lost items; phones, keys , eyeglasses and paperwork are at the top of the list. (The Daily Mail)

When we are stressed out, it not only creates physical clutter, but it causes mental and body clutter as well. What you may not realize is that stress is inflammatory. Inflammation breaks the mind and body down and leaves us vulnerable to sickness and disease.

This is why being organized is so important to our health.

Clutter depletes your quality of life and raises the potential for serious health issues. It is one of the major sources of stress and can exacerbate medical conditions. When a person is under the influence of a significant amount of clutter, their well-being is compromised, leaving them feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, anxious, depressed and even hopeless.

These unsettling feelings are not only attached to the person who is struggling with clutter but their loved ones as well.  It’s not hard to understand then why the home organization industry has grown by leaps and bounds and today has 32 chapters, with more than 4,000 members in 22 countries. (Fast Company)

The same goes for the workplace. The National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) found in their study that disorganization can lead to financial losses equivalent to 10 per cent of a manager’s salary. NAPO also states that 80 per cent of the clutter in the office is a result from being disorganized and not due to a lack of space.

Some studies reveal the average person wastes up to 4.3 hours a week looking for papers, which adds stress and frustration to the workplace while reducing concentration and creative thinking – while cleaning professionals  say that getting rid of excess clutter would eliminate 40 per cent of the cleaning work needed.

Understand this. When your environment is cluttered, the chaos restricts your ability to focus. The clutter also limits your brain’s ability to process information. Clutter makes you distracted and unable to process information as well as you do in an uncluttered, organized, and serene environment. (Princeton University.)

This is why including “health care strategies” for clutter control in the workplace is critical.

Clutter, hoarding, stress, productivity, overwhelm,

Stress-Free Lifestyle Tools To Conquer Clutter In The Home And Office

Mindful Tools For Organized Living is the most elite and complete step-by-step program that will help remedy these situations long before they get out of control. Implementing best practices for a healthy body and mind is a key factor in overcoming clutter and disorganization and living a healthier life. Although part of the challenge is underdeveloped skill sets with organization, it is not the only culprit to having clutter. To penetrate the problem and resolve it entirely, it is necessary to engage lifestyle tools that embody wellness for the body, mind and environment.

To learn more about the Mindfulness Program and how it can help you in the home or office, please visit and/or go to and book your FREE Consultation.

Black Friday Mania

Black Friday mania is here.

Everything is on sale, everything looks enticing, and everything is so tempting to buy, buy, buy.

But here’s the thing…

If you have an existing clutter problem, it’s a good idea to distinguish between what you will be purchasing versus what you will be investing in.

You see, a purchase can be a random, snap decision, based on impulse.  It’s something you see, want, buy and never really give too much thought about. Usually these purchases are stress related triggers and give you a negative return.

But, when you are truly making an investment in something, you are being mindful about your choice.  You’re considering why and how the investment will help you advance, overcome or improve some aspect of your life. The investment will give you a positive return.

Because I know the holidays are tempting times, I want to make sure that you have the right tools to keep you as organized as possible and as mindful as possible throughout the season.

My mindfulness program is designed to do just that.

And since it’s massively discounted, you will be saving on your investment that will give you a rapid return before 2019. Now that’s a bargain for Black Friday.

So if you want to live a stress-free, organized life, reduce your clutter for good, I’m going to suggest that you think about what’s most important to your overall well-being…

Gathering more stuff that will only clutter you up or making a sound investment that will improve the quality of your life?

Choose to be mindful.

Oh and by the way, the program has a money-back guarantee.  That’s how confident I am that you will be successful with your investment.  It’s a lifetime of savings.

PS:  If by chance you’re new to my community and have not purchased my book, Organically Yours

get it here and enjoy the extra bonus items to live a healthier, stress-free life.

Here’s to wise choices.

Please Don’t Stress

Modern stress is a very real thing. What this means is that modern life has created stress that most of us find overwhelming. This new stress comes from:

Technology which causes us to be continually “connected” – so we’re never turned “off.”
Work-Life balance issues – i.e., trying to do too much and prioritizing it all.
Continual Stimulation – we are on overload from air, noise and visual pollution – it takes a toll on our brain power.

The real problem with all of this is that stress is inflammatory. So when we have inflammation circulating throughout our body we are in a state of dis-ease. If we do not learn how to manage our stress in positive ways, ultimately this can break us down and lead to chronic health conditions.

Studies have also shown that when we are in constant stress – we outwardly manifest what we are internalizing – thus many people experience clutter in their environment.

In my upcoming event, 3 Hallmarks of Wellness, we will be covering Modern Stress and similar topics that are of true concern. Learning how to cope and manage stress is paramount to our well-being.

That’s why in this workshop, I will be personally guiding you through the 3 Hallmarks of Wellness so you can experience first-hand how to learn how to deal with some of these real life issues we face today.